Why Human Transcription Service is Preferred

Posted by Gummy Tran on February 09, 2023.

Machines can do some amazing tasks nowadays such as playing chess, writing a poem, making a song, etc. However, when it comes to transcription services, human transcription service plays an important role that can be replaced.

Any business that looking for transcription services should read on to discover more about reasons to use human transcription services.

About Human Transcription Services 

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Human transcription services are the process of producing transcripts of audio or video files by humans. Your video or audio files will be performed by a linguist at a high quality and ready to publish to your target audience.

When it comes to human transcription services, it has many advantages for businesses. Read on to find out the details.


The Difference Between Human Transcription Services vs. AI Transcription 

Due to the fact that AI transcription services are in high demand. However, machines cannot replace humans in transcription services. It is clear that context plays an important role in transcriptions. Only people can understand the context of audio or video and produce accurate and qualified transcripts as a result. AI transcriptions are far behind human transcription services regarding accuracy and quality.


Reasons to Use Human Transcription Services Instead of AI Transcription

The following are the top reasons why human transcription services are essential and needed over AI transcriptions.

Human transcription services provide better value for business

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Machine transcriptions often come with bad quality that definitely needs editing before publishing to your target markets. In the contrast, human transcription services can give you polished, comprehensive, and ready-to-use transcriptions. 

You need to pay more costs for editing if you use machine transcriptions. Therefore, you should use human transcription services from the beginning to get the best value at a cost-saving price. 

You can get accurate transcription services

Several industries require accurate transcription services such as healthcare, medical, legal, technical, etc. Only small mistakes can lead to serious problems for businesses.

AI transcription services have come a long way recently but it is still not as accurate or reliable as human transcription services. Human transcriptionist services can deliver 99% accuracy, while machine transcription brings between 60-70% accuracy.

With human transcription services, your brand can get the most accurate transcripts and avoid any possible errors. 

Human transcription services can handle background noise

Another problem of machine transcriptions is background noise. If your audio or video files are recorded in a noisy environment including offices, coffee shops, restaurants, etc., it is a big problem. 

If you choose human transcription services, you can be confident in receiving no-background-noise transcriptions since the linguist will filter out the background noise and concentrate on the speech. 

You don’t have to worry about accents or dialects 

It is clear that machine transcription cannot handle regional accents or dialects transcription projects. Almost machine transcription tools are programmed to work on standard languages such as American English, Spanish, Simple Chinese, etc. So, if you want to target specific locations, you need to work with a native linguist to get the most relevant and accurate transcriptions.  

Human transcriptionists can differentiate between multiple speakers

If your audio or videos have several speakers, it is challenging for AI software to differentiate among them. As a result, your transcriptions will be of low accuracy and your brand will be affected. 

Human transcription services can help you overcome these challenges at easy. Transcribers can differentiate among multiple speakers and support businesses to get the best outcomes.

Human transcriptionists protect your data 

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If you pick AI transcription, you will need to insert all confidential data into the AI tools. Without any NDA, your data may be leaked or hacked. This is a big problem when it comes to sensitive information.

If you rely on human transcription services, your business data will be safe and can be kept confidential and comply with HIPAA rules by signing an NDA.

Humans understand how to tell the difference 

Machine transcriptions often have problems with words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings, which can lead to mistakes in the transcripts.

For instance, you don’t need your transcript to change something like “my customers didn’t meet the defendant” to “my customers didn’t meat the defendant.” It is a big mistake and makes your business look lacking professionalism.

Choosing professional human translation services can ensure precise outcomes.

Human transcriptions offer a fast turnaround  

Human transcriptionists may type at least 60 words per minute, meaning they can transcribe an audio or video file in two or three hours.

Although machine transcription tools can perform transcription faster, but the process will be longer due to inaccuracy. Only human transcription services can ensure both accuracy and speed for your transcription services. 

Professional human transcription needs no editing after delivery 

With AI transcriptions, you need to spend hours correcting all grammar, spelling, and formatting, which will cost you a lot of time, effort, and money. By choosing human translation services, you don’t face these problems and can get error-free, professional format transcription services. 

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Work with comprehensive human transcription services

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