Why Can Subtitling Services Boost Your Sales Fast?

Posted by Gummy Tran on January 20, 2022.

With the development of social networks and the global economy, subtitling services are becoming popular by allowing people to expand their interactions around the world. Thanks to subtitling services, foreign audiences can enjoy movies or videos quickly, even if the language used in the film or video is not their mother language.

Subtitles are especially helpful for viewers who do not understand the language spoken in the video. Subtitles can be integrated with a video or turned on and off as needed by the viewer.

Subtitling services support businesses to reach a much larger audience by conveying meaningful content and messages. Almost all companies that can reach online audience segments get a return because they invest heavily in subtitles for developing their videos.

GTE Localize provides five specific reasons for the potential of rapid revenue growth when using subtitling services.


Increase Conversions and Sales

Subtitling Services

Subtitling services are similar to other translation services; they require high accuracy in conversion. Otherwise, the translation can be misleading, affecting the emotions of audiences who watch the movies or videos.

In addition, subtitling services help the videos avoid becoming too flashy, saving costs and maximum time, while allowing viewers to understand the content that the author wants to convey. Videos with subtitles will increase the value of content and reach the audience’s emotions most effectively.

Reaching a broad audience is also the foundation for business success and revenue growth. For example, when you make promotional videos about new products with engaging and easy-to-understand content, viewers will also interact more, which means more purchases. 


Attract Hearing-impaired Customers

There are an estimated 466 million people with hearing loss in the world, and they cannot watch videos or news programs on the internet without subtitles to read. This reduces their enjoyment of the program and makes it difficult for them to understand the content that the business wants to convey.

That’s why you need subtitling services to help you share your videos with audiences in other languages and reach hard-of-hearing viewers. Additionally, this also shows respect from businesses toward their audiences with disabilities. As a result, you would get more customers, which would lead to increased engagement and high revenue opportunities.


Help You to Build Trust

Subtitling Services

Studies on customer behavior have shown that viewers tend to read subtitles. Video subtitles will attract 40% more viewers, and 80% more viewers will watch the entire video.

The combination of listening, seeing images from videos, and reading subtitles will help customers have confidence in the product and make them spend more when there is a need. So, add subtitles to your video content to increase purchases and build customer trust.

When you develop videos with subtitles, you can fill the gap between your customers and your business. Subtitles allow you to see all about your company, thus helping to build more trust. If you include subtitles in your videos, you can increase efficiency and credibility.


Engage with Audiences That Mute Videos

Videos without sound are being seen as a trend that most audiences enjoy while watching. Some people may have considered subtitles in movies distracting or unnecessary in the past. Still, today’s audiences are more receptive to content with subtitles, and they have the opportunity to be exposed to many new languages. A recent Facebook test reported that the average reach of a video with captions on the social platform is 16% higher than the same video without any additional text.

Usually, audiences may watch your videos in a public environment, like an office, public transit, or at night, and they may not be able to see it with the sound on. In most cases, that would be where the sound might disturb others. Therefore, using subtitling services for your videos will ensure audiences get the entire message and have a better video experience. 


Enhance Social Shares

In 2022, video content is estimated to account for 82% of all customers’ attention. Therefore, subtitles’ videos increase engagement, views, and audience reach by driving more likes, shares, and comments on social media. Interestingly, videos are shared more than any other type of internet information.

This means your videos and business will stimulate potential audiences and possibly even attract new customers that you may not have attracted yet.

If you do not consider the help of professional subtitling services for your videos, you will experience increased competition. Plus, you are missing out on increased engagement, views, and potential sales.



Most of the above reasons show why subtitles help to increase revenue for your business quickly. Besides, videos with subtitles will easily convey the content that the video is aiming for. With talking videos, subtitles will help somewhat if the voice in the video is unclear or hard to hear.

So, we need subtitling services because they can understand and approach the diverse cultures of each country. Subtitle translation is an essential service for businesses when introducing their products to other countries.

GTE Media is confident in bringing clients a wide range of high-quality media localization solutions and providing an excellent service experience at a competitive rate.

Subtitling services

We provide various subtitling services for your video projects. Our partners believe us because we approach appropriate audiences, offer end-to-end services with the best value, and have deadlines ahead of schedule.

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