Essential Things About Vimeo Video Transcription Services

Posted by Gummy Tran on December 26, 2022.

YouTube may come to mind first when you think of video streaming services. But Vimeo also has some remarkable user statistics. Over 90 million movies are uploaded to the network each year, and there are over 230 million registered users worldwide on Vimeo.

Making your Vimeo videos accessible to a wide range of consumers is crucial. Accessibility makes your videos more discoverable, which raises brand awareness and improves their level of interest. A crucial step in increasing your availability and reach is to make sure you convert video to text.

In this post, we will guide you on essential things about Vimeo video transcription services.

Why Vimeo video transcription services are vital

Improve accessibility 

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To make sure that your content is available to as many people as possible, you should transcribe your Vimeo films. Creators, brands, and companies must all create inclusive content. Transcripts, captions, and subtitles are essential for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers to interact with and comprehend video material.

There may also be legal obligations that you must follow while posting and disseminating your video content, such as in corporate, educational, or government situations.

Increase reach 

There are several reasons why viewers of videos might prefer to watch without sound. In fact, studies have found that 83% of mobile video viewers silence their devices’ speakers. More people will hear your message if you give them the ability to read and comprehend the material even when the device is muted.

It is also advantageous for non-native speakers to view a written version of the topic. It is easier for non-native speakers to follow along and understand the main points when the text is seen in conjunction with the video.

Transcripts are an excellent resource for repurposing your content, which will maximize the return on your video production expenditure. For instance, it’s simple to search for and extract important quotes to publish on social media or convert the video into a written blog article.

Enhance discoverability 

Transcripts are indexed by search engines whereas video content is not. Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts will be aided and your video content will be more easily found by adding transcripts. It’s important to keep in mind that, as you might assume, YouTube videos are frequently given precedence by the Google algorithm.

Vimeo video transcription can be searched to help viewers find the most interesting parts of the dialogue. It’s quite helpful to be able to skip to important sections of a video, especially for longer-form content.

When transcribing Vimeo content, high levels of precision are essential. The transcript must be exact; anything less than 99% won’t do for increased accessibility.


Does Vimeo do transcription services?

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Transcribing video material into text involves turning the audio speech into text. Vimeo, a top source of online video hosting, offers video transcription services to make the content more approachable and interesting.

You can add closed captions to your video if you’re a service subscriber and have access to the automatic captions option. According to the viewer’s choices, closed captions can be turned on and off. Currently, the service is restricted to English-language videos. Additionally, videos that were uploaded before the auto-captioning technology was available cannot be added later. For the automated closed captions to be generated, you must re-upload your video.

Accuracy is important, as you are aware, and automated systems don’t yet offer sufficient levels of accuracy. Vimeo offers an edit feature to assist you to improve the accuracy of your video transcript because it is aware of the drawbacks of automatically transcribing videos. By scrolling through the transcript or browsing through the video, you can access the necessary line of text and edit the transcript right there on the Vimeo platform. Never forget to double-check any modifications you make.

You can use the Vimeo closed captioning functionality for your live-streaming videos if you have a premium or enterprise Vimeo subscription. Your audience will find the content more accessible if you add subtitles to live sessions like webinars, virtual events, and training sessions. However, keep in mind that automated services’ accuracy levels are typically relatively poor. Text mistakes may be embarrassing or even detrimental to your brand.

Can you transcribe a video on Vimeo?

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If you need exact Vimeo video transcription services, using professional Vimeo video transcription services is a hassle-free option. Professional services, like those offered by GTE Localize, ensure response times and at least 99% accuracy. When you need one, you’ll get a precise transcript in the right format.

In comparison to how long it would take the typical person to do the same activity, professional transcribers may provide the pertinent transcript much faster. Additionally, you won’t have to stress about the required formatting or accuracy levels.

You are ready to upload your transcript file to the Vimeo platform after you have it ready and in the proper format.

  1. Open the relevant video from your video manager by navigating there.
  2. The transcript panel can be accessed by clicking the [CC] button to the right of the player.
  3. The Settings option can be found in the closed captions menu, next to Transcript.
  4. To the right of My uploads, click the “+” sign, then choose the appropriate language and file type.
  5. To upload the file from your computer, click Choose File and then adhere to the directions.
  6. The choices will show up under the header “My uploads” once the file has been posted. To make the file available to your viewers, toggle it on.

You can replace or remove the file, as well as download and edit the file, by clicking the three dots next to the file name.

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Transcribe Vimeo videos with reliable Vimeo video translation services

Outsourcing to Vimeo video transcription services is the best option if you need an accurate transcript to provide a high-quality result to your audience.

For GTE Localize, all you have to do is upload your video file to our completely secure website and choose the “Captions” option. This will guarantee that you get the best Vimeo video transcription services with the appropriate formatting and file type for uploading to Vimeo directly.

Your file will be available for immediate download as an SRT file from the portal. The SRT can then be posted to your preferred video platforms, such as YouTube or Vimeo. 

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For a quote on your Vimeo video transcription services needs, click here right away.

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