All You Need To Know About Video Subtitling For e-Learning

Posted by Gummy Tran on November 15, 2022.

Here are some tips on how to use multilingual video subtitles to increase the appeal and relevance of your e-learning videos to a wider audience and all things you need to know about video subtitling for e-learning.

The ability to learn at one’s own pace and the availability of an adaptable and user-friendly learning environment are just a few of the key factors contributing to e-continued learning’s rise in popularity. There is no doubt that making e-learning videos is popular right now. Even while it can overcome geographic limitations, linguistic restrictions could still prevent you from expanding outside of your intended market.

Here are all the data you need to know about multilingual video subtitles in order to assist you in producing appropriate subtitling for e-learning videos.

Guide on Creating Multilingual Video Subtitling For e-Learning

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Even though adding multilingual video subtitling for e-learning is a great way to reach your target audience, there are some procedures you need to take during the production process to make sure the finished result is perfect for making a multilingual subtitle video for online use. You should take the following actions, for example:

1. Keeping in mind the requirements of your audience

It might be challenging to produce a video for a worldwide audience, particularly when it comes to e-learning concepts and situations. When preparing or producing the video, be sure to keep this in mind and exclude any cultural, religious, or athletic references that might resonate with one audience but not with another audience in a different region of the world.

For instance, you are making a video for a US audience. Sports metaphors using baseball terminology in that situation will be a home run, but they won’t have the same impact in India, the Middle East, or even Europe, where the audience isn’t interested in baseball.

2. Leaving space at the bottom of your video for subtitling 

Text-safe zones with a maximum of two lines of text for each screen are fundamental rules of subtitling. Therefore, while making a film, especially one with graphic components, graphs, or captions, the area at the bottom shouldn’t be restricted.

3. Ensuring a slow pace for subtitle readability

Making sure the pace is slower than one normally speaks is a good idea for any e-learning video, especially when recording the original voiceover. As they read the subtitles, it gives them time to understand the subject and helps them stay on track with what is being taught. Ideally, a good pace is no more than 190 words per minute.

4. Simplify the topic and the script

Although translation services guarantee that your video’s main points are accurately conveyed to a local audience, the journey will undoubtedly be bumpy. You must make sure that the topic and the script are well-defined and simple to follow in order to make the video material relevant to a bigger audience. If the original video is straightforward to watch and comprehend, the effort involved in translation and contextualization is less complicated. 

5. Keep it short and break each subject into sections

Any video, whether it is intended for a local or global audience, should be brief and have its contents divided into separate chapters. This makes the subject easier to understand and is split into manageable portions, which aids the pupils’ attention span.


Benefits of Multilingual Video Subtitling for e-Learning

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Video subtitles in multiple languages can greatly enhance your online learning experience. Consider using multilingual video subtitles for the following main reasons:

1. Wider reach your audience

Do you intend to create all of your online video courses in English? Despite the fact that English is widely spoken around the world, only 6% of people can speak it fluently.

Therefore, if you want to reach a global audience, you might want to think about creating content that is appropriate for the local language or at the very least has multilingual video subtitles to target the right audience.

2. Improve misunderstanding  

The speaker in e-learning videos is almost certain to have a distinctive accent that may be challenging for viewers in other countries to understand. By allowing viewers to understand exactly what is being said and follow along with the video’s content without having to repeatedly pause or fast-forward, subtitles come to the rescue.

3. Compensate for poor audio and reaches the hearing impaired 

Despite our best efforts, there are occasions when a video’s audio quality may fall short of current standards. This is particularly true if the video was filmed a few years ago when technology was less advanced than it is now. The best course of action to compensate for this subpar audio quality and convey the message to a potential partially or completely deaf audience is to add video subtitles.

4. Improve engagement of your content

Having subtitles in many languages for a video helps the audience understand and retain the content more effectively because reading and listening simultaneously have been demonstrated to increase the retention rate. As a result, your video content has a bigger effect, and learning is even made fun and simple.

5. Enhance SEO

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Not only will investing in multilingual video subtitles benefit your online learners and humans, but it will also help search engine algorithms give your videos more weight. Videos with subtitles have a higher chance of appearing in search results, which increases traffic.


Get the best video subtitling for e-Learning

GTE Media knows that the subtitles must be precise and must reflect local peculiarities. We are aware of how crucial it is to record localization needs in addition to receiving quality subtitling services for e-learning. The precise meaning of the movie you requested can be reflected in our subtitles. Our business understands the value of audience reach, so it is our top priority.

For all types of content, GTE Media offers expert, entirely human-generated subtitle services in a variety of areas, including translation, time coding, encoding, and more.

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