How Transcription Services Helps Radio Broadcast Media?

Posted by Ariel Duong on April 13, 2022.

If you are a player in the radio broadcast media industry, transcription services should be on your list, especially if you want to enhance product awareness and interaction with your listeners. Reading transcripts remains an old-but-gold tendency shared by a majority of listeners. They would scan it before enjoying radio broadcasts or just read it later to better grasp the messages. So how specifically could you take advantage of them? This article will provide you insights into how transcription services can benefit radio businesses and audiences in general and your specific type of broadcast in particular.

Benefits of Using Transcription Services with Radio Broadcast Media

transcription services

#1. Transcripts support social media and help create new content

Transcription services enable you to boost your social media in many ways. For instance, by utilizing transcripts, you can promote your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. What’s more interesting is that reporters and writers may refer to transcripts to write about your show. These articles can also allow you to brainstorm for future broadcasts while increasing audience engagement.

#2. Your broadcast is searchable with transcripts

In fact, it’s not audio tracks but keywords, or texts, that crawlers of search engines like Google will be looking for. In this way, fully-transcribed records provided by transcript services will help your radio broadcast reach a huge number of potential audiences, which can’t be done using the original content format – radio – only. 

For your audience, those who missed the whole show or the most valuable part to them can easily find it out from your radio libraries by searching for keywords. And if your radio show has a well-known star, that’s keyword gold for your marketing department.

#3. You serve the ADA audience

Part of your audience might suffer from hearing problems or even disabilities, so it is always better to serve them the best possible. Especially when you produce educational content, under the American Disabilities Act, captioning is a must. 

However, closed captions are not enough, and you will need transcript services. This is because while caption can support the audience in real-time watching, others with impairments, on the other hand, need a  transcript after the show to review the content they may have missed or to get the whole picture of your radio broadcast.


How Does Each Type of Radio Broadcasts Benefit from Transcription Services?

#1. News broadcasts

After the news, a transcript is a handy source for listeners to validate what was stated before.

For your business, transcription services help add credibility by offering an extra layer of transparency. News outlets can also use the script to analyze their own content and reflect on how they might better communicate things in the future, with stronger validity.

#2. Radio talk shows

Radio talk show

Your audiences may use transcripts to learn more about whose viewpoints are being featured in the broadcast or to observe how guests’ opinions affect one another. 

Moreover, listeners can also use transcripts to share some quotes presented by guests of your show on social media, which is a help for your marketing effort. 

#3. Radio sportscasts

As a radio sportscasts producer, you might notice that there are a lot of funny ​​sound bites that are employed to create content. 

Now with professional transcripts,  media outlets can verify the information and its setting more easily, which ends up in creating content that draws huge attention to your show. 

#4. Phone call-in shows

With the help of professional transcription services, your shows can become more professional and transparent to the audience. Reporters can also easily scan and locate sources of any viewpoints stated in your call-in shows. 

#5. Internet radio and podcast episodes

Audience involvement is a core part of content creation, and transcriptions may assist your fans in developing informed opinions on the topic.

Once audiences become more educated on your topics and pose questions, this may promote loyalty and also feed new content for future programs or episodes. 

#6. Online radio videos and live streams

When it comes to YouTube videos or live streams on social networks, several viewers tend to expect a transcript to be included in the comments while they are scrolling.

Or in some cases, viewers might check transcripts to see what will be going on in the program, skip some not-so-interesting parts and fast forward to the ones they feel interested in. This in the end will boost your audience’s experience and loyalty.

#7. Community radio shows

With transcription services, editorials and advocates in shaping public opinion can be enhanced, as people can keep track of what was stated in the shows. 

On top of that, transcription might help create crucial archives for local history.

#8. Webinars

Webinar transcription services

For most webinar attendees, transcriptions help you walk them through what your webinar will cover. And they can also refer to the text for full information later. 

In fact, transcripts serve as a strong research aid for your attendees, boost audience involvement, and can even help you check then analyze your content.

#9. Public radio broadcasts

In the case of public radio broadcasts, honest and accurate reporting on difficult and impactful issues is key. 

Therefore, transcription will be a professional component of the broadcast package that lends credibility to your critical job.


Choose a Reliable Transcription Services Provider 

Transcription is a must to keep your radio broadcast competitive on the market today. And picking a partner that helps you deliver this job is of equal importance. With years of experience in translation, localization, and transcription, GTE Media offers one of the most reliable, high-quality, and convenient transcription services at just a reasonable cost. Contact our transcription experts for free consultation or demo.

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