How Transcription Services Improve Market Research Efficiency?

Posted by Ariel Duong on June 17, 2022.

Conducting market research may include doing several focus group interviews, digging through notes, or replaying the recording several times. And if you are desperately looking for a way to help handle all interviews more efficiently, transcription services might be the top option.

Today’s blog post will explain how transcription services can reduce tiresome challenges and help your market research efficiency. 

#1. It Simplifies The Note-taking With Recording

There is one thing that every market researcher has to do over and over again: taking notes. No one can remember everything your survey participants say, so this task is almost a must. 

Yet, taking notes manually takes time – or, in other words, money. Also, since humans may inevitably make mistakes, market researchers will have to double-check if there’s anything inconsistent. And when it comes to notes from group interviews, quality control has to be done before report review. 

01 Transcription services note-taking

In contrast, audio recording and transcription will be much less error-prone and tedious. 

You may transfer your audio files to a professional agency like GTE Media and get a precise transcription within a few hours. Then, it is easier to evaluate the information for your research more quickly and completely.

You are free to take your time with the discussion: make a list, highlight key things, determine the source of the feedback, etc.

Another notable advantage is that completed transcripts can also be annotated and timestamped upon request. This can assist you to locate a segment of the focus group that started a moving topic midway through the discussion. And your team may then add their comments and extract quotations from those sources. 


#2. Transcription Services Integrates The Workflow With Digital Tools

Normally, your workflow can be a little bit tedious without transcription services. This is mainly because each phase of the process still requires human audio file adjustment, even with the aid of digital technologies. 

Here is one typical challenge in market research. After filming or recording a focus group interview, you open the file and realize that it is too heavy to load. Then you may have to compress and convert the file into a more workable format so that it’s easier to replay. 

02 Transcription services files

Since many interviews take much longer than expected, this has happened a lot in market research, draining the time and energy of marketers. Even worse, the file may encounter some technical problems along the way or be accidentally deleted.  

Now, the good news is that transcription provided by professional agencies can make the whole process smooth and less time-consuming. 

For example, when you have finished recording or filming your focus group meetings, send them to GTE Media right away. Since we can support almost all popular types of audio or video files, such as .mp3, .wav, .mpeg, etc., you will no longer have to waste time converting the files into a more appropriate type. Instead, the transcription will be finished and returned to you within a few hours. 

We also export the transcription into the requested format, so there will no longer be any technical problems to deal with! 


#3. You Can Catch Up on Everything With Transcription

Focus group interviews can be recorded to save time later. Yet in many cases, the audio quality isn’t nice enough. 

Your interviewees tend to have different accents. And when many people are speaking at once, some statements may be muddled. This means that you will have to replay your recordings or videos several times. Otherwise, certain findings will be missed when you can’t hear what your interviewees said. 

03 Transcription services

But thanks to transcription services, your team won’t have to listen to playbacks for hours on end. Instead, all they need to do is to concentrate on generating reports and getting insights from the precise transcript provided.

GTE Media offers a wide range of transcription services that help you catch up on everything you need. 

For instance, we do offer Full Transcription services, which is also known as also Strict Verbatim Transcription. Here the speech subtleties and hushed side remarks will all be transcribed, helping you better concentrate on the discussion itself. 

Rather than asking your interviewees to repeat themselves or answer more slowly, you may just need to keep going with follow-up questions and ensure that everyone is heard. These are more important than noting down things, as per an article from Indeed. 

Also, in this package, GTE Media provides written transcriptions of all spoken phrases, ambient sounds, utterances (such as “oh,” “hmm,” “I mean,” etc.), and even syntax errors or false starts. This transcription service can help accentuate voice signals and provide context. You will be able to decipher the participants’ motives and insights behind their feedback and responses.

So, if you are doing market research on customers’ behaviors, this can be an ideal option! 

Or, if you want to add timestamps for easier tracking of your long interviews, you can go for our Transcription with timestamping service. This can help you save a huge time tracing different parts of the discussion or quoting a statement!


Boost Your Market Research Efficiency with GTE Media’s Transcription Services

You contribute significantly to the decision-making process in your company as a member of the market research team. 

While some of the procedures you employ will have inefficiencies, transcription services are perfect tools that help you save time – which also means money – and concentrate on figuring out customer insights. 

This enhances not only your productivity as a market research team, but also helps boost the whole business’ profitability. Clarifying consumer needs and distinguishing yourself from other businesses as soon as possible is key to success in any industry. 

Are you looking for an experienced and trustworthy vendor in transcription services? Working with GTE Media, you can get: 

  • Various transcription services based on your own needs (Verbatim Transcription, Clean Transcription, Summary Transcription, or Transcription with timestamping).  
  • Adaptability to various file types and transcription formats.
  • High punctuality and professional procedures to ensure the best quality possible.

We have successfully worked with global prestigious brands like Google, Sony, etc. Drop us a message to be the next client of GTE right now!

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