9 Ways Transcription Services Can Boost SEO Rankings

Posted by Gummy Tran on May 24, 2022.

When we think about SEO, we think of written material as being the most vital factor. However, video transcription service plays a significant part as well.

Because there are some links that can fit on the first few pages of search results, you must take advantage of every available chance for SEO rankings. The most authoritative information, which includes transcripts of multimedia presentations, is the greatest strategy to achieve high ranks. 

Here are 9 ways transcription services can assist you in improving your SEO and internet marketing.

Boosting User Engagement

You should consider your social media presence. Videos are excellent at grabbing people’s attention. When you have long material with several paragraphs and detailed infographic information, processing it gets more challenging.

Users are more likely to get engaged with material when there is an accompanying transcript for a video that they find intriguing. The transcripts are always available to the viewer. The more user involvement, the more traffic your website will receive, as well as a lower bounce rate and higher search engine results. There may be occasions when you can listen to the video rather than go away from the page, in which case you should read the video instead. You can better appeal to your audience if you have a transcript using transcription services.

If you publish text on the same web page as your podcasts and videos, visitors can read along while listening and watching. People who are utilizing your content for study will enjoy the ease with which they may refer to the text if they don’t grasp something or want to go over it again. Giving your audience the option of how to consume material has always been beneficial.


Improving Search Engine Indexation

10 Ways Transcription Services Can Boost SEO Rankings

Podcast and video transcripts can be submitted to your blog and indexed by search engines. Because audio and video material are ignored by Google bots, using transcription services for your media types provides rich text for search engines to index.

You boost your chances of getting recognized by search engines by providing more text to accompany video or audio. Search engines prefer deep content versus shallow sites. The more helpful material you can include in a podcast transcript, the more search engines will regard you as a thought leader in your field.


Expanding Your Audience

You can broaden your audience by making transcripts of your recordings available using transcription services. It may reach employees who are unable to access audio or video at work, as well as the hearing impaired. Some people like text because it allows them to obtain information more quickly.


Repurposing Your Content

10 Ways Transcription Services Can Boost SEO Rankings 1

Transcripts for audio or video recordings can be utilized to repurpose your information in multiple rich media formats, such as ebooks, blog posts, or slide shows. The more customers you can reach and influence, the more various methods you can deliver your message.


Expanding Monetization

While it is feasible to monetize your movies, you can also monetize your transcriptions by using ad networks like AdSense. This method can help you diversify your revenue sources.


Adding Advantage Over Competitors

10 Ways Transcription Services Can Boost SEO Rankings 2

You can get a competitive advantage if your competitors do not supply transcripts with their podcasts or video recordings. They may not recognize the worth of transcription services, which will be to your benefit and their disadvantage.


Having Backlinks from Relevant Sites

10 Ways Transcription Services Can Boost SEO Rankings 3

You’ll be able to include links in your transcript text, which will help you create more context for your presentation by allowing you to advertise different pages on your website. When you interview a guest, you have the opportunity to advertise them with a link. By exchanging links with related websites, both companies can reach the same audience.


Connecting with Non-Native Speakers

A transcript provides a reference for persons who speak other languages and may only know English as a second language to look up words they don’t understand. Many people first learn to read a foreign language before practicing speaking or listening to it.


Optimizing Keywords  

The essential terms that summarize your material will most likely appear in audio or video transcripts. Search engines employ keywords to connect online users with web pages. Keep this in mind when recording your podcast, whether it’s an interview or another format.


Picking a Trustworthy Transcription Service 

Podcasts, videos, and other forms of multimedia help to bring your website to life, but transcripts help with SEO. Consider including transcripts with all of your audio and video material, as text is what search engines index and helps followers comprehend your content better.

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