Reasons to Use Transcription Service For Digital Marketing

Posted by Gummy Tran on January 17, 2023.

Transcripted audio has more advantages than you can ever imagine! We’ve given a number of reasons why you should start using transcription services for digital marketing or audio recordings if you haven’t already.
We’ll begin by briefly recapping the history of transcription to get you up to speed in case you’re unfamiliar with it. As far as anthropologists can tell, transcription service for digital marketing has always played a crucial role in civilization.

Common Uses of Transcription Service

What comes to mind immediately when you think of transcription service? Many people associate it with the legal system and judicial proceedings. Every utterance made during hearings is recorded by court reporters, who later add them to the official record.
Similarly to this, medical transcriptionists turn spoken instructions from physicians and other healthcare professionals into text that may be read later. It is also used by investigators and police personnel to maintain proper records.
However, transcriptions are not exclusively used in these risky occupations. Here are a few more examples:
-It helps journalists gather all the information they need while under time constraints.
-Students record lectures so they can concentrate on the instructor rather than taking notes.
-Professionals everywhere record their meetings so that no information or deadline is missed.
-To meet the varying levels of ability of each participant in the course, e-learning modules are transcribed.
Transcription service is used by content marketers and specialists in digital marketing for posts on social media, online videos, and podcasts.
When we watch TV on a regular basis—whether it’s being broadcast by your local station or being streamed by a service like Netflix or Prime—we also notice transcription at work when we’re reading subtitles.

Use Transcription Service For Digital Marketing

Online Visibility
One of the most revered principles of digital marketing is search engine optimization since it is effective.
Consider this: When you post a video to the internet, your text is typically restricted to the title and the meta description, so you have to make it count. If your material is difficult to index, how can potential customers find you online?
If you’ve produced a strong script, adding transcriptions to your audio or video content will result in a textual record that is packed with SEO-friendly keywords.


The accessibility that transcription service provides to those with hearing difficulties is possibly one of the strongest reasons in favor of it.
Between two and four out of every 1,000 Americans are “functionally deaf,” while the number of those with a severe hearing impairment is four to 10 times higher, according to federal data collected by Gallaudet Research Institute.
It happens more frequently than you might imagine. Additionally, if a potential client does not feel catered to, they will not be motivated to use your services, let alone have the resources to do so.
Additionally, if transcription service proves to be more challenging than anticipated, it may aid in identifying and resolving sound quality problems, which will enhance future users’ understanding and experience. That is to say, it is a great project to take on even if it is just to check the quality of your own content!


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Multimedia content that has been transcribed can also be put to other inventive purposes. For instance, you might choose to cut down a lengthy podcast or video series into a blog post or slideshow that can be expanded upon later.
Transcription service will make it simpler to pick out interesting statements and points that could later be turned into eye-catching graphics for social media or other publications.
Why is this important? By expanding your options, you can distribute your material on more sites.
Even though you might not be able to publish an entire podcast or video episode to Instagram, for instance, a transcription might help you make marketing materials or “teaser” clips that encourage viewers to visit the original source for more.

Ease of Use

Professional transcriptions are useful to everyone, not simply the hard of hearing. By making it simpler and quicker for your audience to locate what they’re searching for, a good transcription may help them make the most of your content.
That also applies to you! Using timestamps and identifying speakers might help you and viewers get straight to what stands out.
You will find this extremely useful when making impromptu soundbites or video montages. To identify a certain quote, you don’t need to listen to hours of audio; instead, you may use your transcriptions to create a well-organized database that is simple to search.


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The need for non-English translations is a true indicator of corporate success. Why? It indicates that you are able to reach a wider, more dispersed audience.
A viewer who sees that your audio or video isn’t in their language can decide not to click on it.
A multilingual transcriber can help with that. They can translate your information into a different language while taking into account cultural nuances (words aren’t always equal in English).

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Market Research

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And it’s not just your audience who gains from audio transcription. Think about how it might enhance your backend workflow.
Imagine this: You’ve gathered client input on what you’re doing well and where you need to improve over the course of many weeks. Do you really want to scrub through all of that audio, just like when editing soundbites or montages?
Of course not; after all, you have a business to run. You can keep track of particular words and phrases by transcribing the focus group interviews. You can later categorize and analyze these to find recurrent topics to focus on.
Additionally, as we already indicated, transcriptions can make even your meetings and conferences less intimidating. You’ll have a complete record of all the specifics rather than a brief synopsis of the main themes.

Transcription Service is Worth the Investment

Professional transcription of your multimedia material is no longer just a wise business decision; it is now required. Are you prepared to expand your brand and attract new clients? It can be time to locate the ideal transcribing provider for your needs. GTE Media is a professional transcription service provider for businesses that can help you reach more global clients. To get a free quote for your translation service for digital marketing, contact us now.

To get more information about translation and localization, you can visit GTE Localize.



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