What is Timecoding?

Subtitles are timed to appear on the screen at specific points of time. These points of time are called timecode. The most common timecode format used is hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds -> hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds.

For example, the timecode “01:35:4207 – 01:36:44:09 – Music is playing” means the music is on in the video from 1 hour, 35 minutes, 42 seconds, 7 milliseconds to 1 hour, 36 minutes, 44 seconds, 9 milliseconds.

Creating a timecode template is the process of extracting transcript or subtitles and their timings from various video formats into a text or a SubRip file.

Why Do You Need Professional Time Coders?

In media localization, a precise timecode template affects how an audiovisual content is successfully adapted into a new language.

Without an accurate timecode file, the transcript or subtitles will not be able to sync with the video content. Unmatched captions or subtitles have an undesirable influence on how consumable your content is, regardless of your effort to make an excellent product. If the subtitles appear earlier or later than the dialogue, it causes difficulties for the audiences to catch up with the content, resulting in unpleasant viewer experience.

When a video transcript is translated into a target language which has different grammar structures and length compared to the original language of the video, it requires native timecode creators to rearrange the translated script into a timecode template. They adapt the script to appropriate sentence division, standard character limit, and character per second (CPS).

The task of creating a timecode is far from easy, thus, it needs the involvement of professional time coders.

Our Timecoding Process

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    Receive files and confirm details

    We check the language of the script to prepare our resources. Also, we analyze your requirements for timecode file: file type (.srt, .ass, .txt. docx, etc), file format, character limit, character per second (cps), etc.
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    Prepare to timecode your script

    We allocate your project to the most suitable time coder who both understands the transcript and has experience in timing.
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    Create the timecode template

    The time coder extracts the transcript into specific time frame with high accuracy.
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    Export the timecode

    We check if the timecode is synchronizing with the video and export it into the required format.
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    Final correction and deliver the final product

    The timecode template goes through final review and correction before being delivered to you.
Why choose us

Why Choose GTE Media?

Audience-centered Approach

Audience-centered Approach

We understand how unmatched subtitles affects the audience viewing experience. Thus, we put ourselves in your audience's shoes to create the best version for you timed text.
Best value

Best value

With a team of hundreds of experienced timecode creator, we know where to find the most suitable resources for your projects, at a competitive rate.
Timecoded by Professional Linguists

Timecoded by Professional Linguists

We do not allow machine-generated timecode templates. All steps, from extracting script/subtitle to exporting timecoded files are done manually by well-trained linguists.


Regardless of small or large projects, we always deliver timely or ahead of the deadlines.