What is SDH?

Subtitles for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) is intended for non-native speakers of the original language who have hearing impairments, helping them understand and enjoy the content of your audiovisual products.

SDH is the combination of Closed Captioning specifically made for deaf and hard of hearing people and Subtitling, which makes your media products accessible to foreign audiences. Thus, it integrates the benefits of both. SDH provides audiences with a rich viewing experience by rendering the dialogues, background noises, characters’ names, sound effects, etc. from the original audio to a foreign language.

The Differences among Closed Captioning, Subtitling, and SDH

criteriaSubtitlingClosed CaptioningSdh
Target audienceAudiences who do not speak the language in the original audioNative audiences with hearing lossNon-native audiences who are deaf and hard of hearing
Speaker names (speaker ID)NoYesYes
Sound descriptionNoYesYes
EncodingSupported via HDMISupported via HDMINot supported via HDMI
Image Video

Types of Content We Support

Working with GTE Media, you can rest assured that your content is in good hands of our experienced subtitlers and captioners who specialize in various types of content.

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Our SDH Translation Process

  •  Icon Process

    Receive files and confirm details

    Upon receiving files from you, our team checks the source video and your requirements to confirm the rates and deadlines.
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    Prepare to do SHD translation

    We allocate your project to the most suitable subtitler who will research the given video content before working on it.
  •  Icon Process

    Create transcript with audiable factors

    Our team listen to the original video and write down the transcript including dialogues, effect sounds, background noises, characters' names, etc.
  •  Icon Process

    Create timecode template

    Our spotting team use a tool to assign time-in, time-out and duration for the transcript
  •  Icon Process

    Subtitle translation (origination)

    Our subtitlers translate the timecoded transcript into the required foreign language.
  •  Icon Process

    Correct subtitle placement and review on video

    We double check if the subtitle is placed properly. First review is conducted to clear all the possible technical issues before encoding.
  •  Icon Process

    Encode SDH into video

    SDH is rendered into your video using our encoding software.
  •  Icon Process

    Review after encoding

    Double review is performed to check if the SDH is consumable for the audiences
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    Final delivery

    Once all quality criteria are confirmed, we send you the final product.

Languages We Offer

Why choose us

Why Choose GTE Media?

Audience-centered Approach

Audience-centered Approach

We understand that conveying accurate information and emotions to viewers is your top priority. Thus, we study closely your target audiences before working on a project.
Best Value

Best Value

With a team of hundreds of experienced talents, we know where to find the most suitable resources for your projects, at a competitive rate.
End-to-end Services

End-to-end Services

No need for intermediaries or a second agency. We provide you with comprehensive end-to-end media localization solutions.


Regardless of small or large projects, we always deliver timely or ahead of the deadlines.