Why Do You Need Subtitle Translation Services?

Subtitle translation, also known as origination, is the process of translating the spoken dialogue of a video from the original language into a foreign language. It is a key stage of in the subtitle creation process which includes various technical and linguistic tasks like transcription, timecoding, subtitle review, encoding, etc.

Subtitle translation is a powerful assistance to make your media content accessible to international audiences speaking different languages. What’s more, search engines can not read a video. Thus, having a video with translations for title, description, and transcript gives you a higher chance of being clicked, boosting your company’s overall visibility in foreign markets.

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Types of Content We Support

Our team of talented subtitlers has long experience in doing subtitling for a wide range of content. We specialize in the following types of content:

Icon Support Film and Animation
Icon Support Games
Icon Support Documentaries
Icon Support Broadcast
Icon Support Corporate Videos
Icon Support Commercials
Icon Support Webinars
Icon Support General Telecoms and automated services

Platforms We Support

GTE Media provides you with high-quality subtitling services for videos on various platforms, from social media to movie streaming services and more.

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    Disney Plus

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    HBO Go

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Input FormatOutput Format

  • .MOV












    Flash videos

    Online hosted videos

  • SubRip (.srt)

    Facebook ready SubRip (.srt)

    Transcript (.txt)

    Avid DS Subtitle File (.txt)

    Scenarist (.scc)

    MacCaption (.mcc)

    Timed Text (.ttml)

    Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt)

    WebVTT (.vtt)

    DFXP (.dfxp)

    Cheetah .CAP (.cap)

    Spruce Subtitle File (.stl)

Our Subtitle Translation Process

  •  Icon Process

    Receive files and confirm details

    Upon receiving files from you, our team checks the source video and your requirements to confirm the rates and deadlines.
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    Prepare to make subtitles

    We allocate your project to the most suitable subtitlers who will research the given video content to understand your requirements before working on it.
  •  Icon Process

    Translate subtitles for your video

    Based on the given file types (.sub, .ass, .srt, .xml, .txt, .docx, etc), we use the appropriate subtitling software to translate your original video content into the required foreign language.
  •  Icon Process

    Edit the subtitles

    Our reviewers go through the subtitle translation to eliminate errors such as grammar, spelling, inconsistency styles, etc. We also pay attention to the technical requirements such as character limit, reading speed, and any required subtitle rules.
  •  Icon Process

    Export the translated subtitle

    We use subtitling software to export the subtitles into the requested format and final check to eliminate possible technical issues.
  •  Icon Process

    Final delivery

    We deliver the final product to you.