What is Subtitle Review?

Even when your subtitlers have gone through the finished subtitle files a couple of times to eliminate errors, there is still a high chance that some mistakes are not detected which negatively affects your video quality. That’s when you need a fresh pair of eyes – a professional subtitle reviewer to check and finalize your files.

With a team of native linguists who have rich experience in subtitling projects, GTE Media provides high-quality subtitle review services. We help you adapt your subtitle, both content and technical aspects, to optimize the viewer’s experience.

Our Subtitle Review Process

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    Receive files and confirm details

    Our team evaluates the current quality of your subtitled video to consult the suitable subtitle review services. If the subtitle quality is bad, we suggest re-translating the whole script. Otherwise, your video will be reviewed according to our process.
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    Prepare to review your subtitle files

    We allocate your project to an experienced subtitle proofreader who will research the given video content before working on it.
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    Proofread your subtitle files

    The proofreader carefully reviews your subtitle translation to ensure that no errors in terms of grammar, spelling, word choice, context, etc. are left. We also make suggestions and amendments for parts that should be improved.
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    Improve viewer experience

    We will then work on improving viewer experience by reviewing the following factors: Duration of subtitles; Number of characters per second; Character limit; Subtitle split; Time synchronization.

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    Export and deliver the final product

    We export the files into the requested format and deliver the final product to you.
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Types of Content We Support

With a team of experienced linguists who are subject-matter experts in their fields, GTE Media provides subtitle review services for a wide range of content, including:

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Icon Support E-learning contents
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