What is Subtitle Encoding?

Subtitle Encoding is the process of burning the subtitles you have created into a video and make sure the subtitles match the movements of the video. Normally, a subtitle file format is .doc, .txt, .sub, .ass, .xml, .srt, etc, which is created separately from your video. Therefore, in order for the subtitles to be displayed on the video, subtitle encoding is needed.

A burned subtitled video helps your content reach more audiences, especially when your videos are displayed in the mute mode or to people with hearing impairment.

Types of Subtitle Output

Open SubtitlesClosed Subtitles

  • Subtitles in Open Subtitles (or Hard Subtitles) are rendered into the video in the form of pixels and become a part of the video. It can not be turned off or removed from the video.
  • Subtitles in Closed Subtitles (or Soft Subtitles) can be turned on or off by the viewers as they are published as a separate asset from the video in formats such as .srt, .sub, or .ssa.
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Types of Content We Support

GTE Media is capable of handling a wide range of content types for your visual materials. Our subtitlers can provide subtitle encoding services for the following content:

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