What is Subtitling?

Subtitling is the process of creating and displaying the translations of spoken dialogue and narration in a video. Subtitles are of particular use for viewers who can not speak the language in the video.

Subtitles can either embedded in a video or be turned on and off at the viewer’s comfort.

The Differences Between Subtitling and Closed Captioning

criteriaSubtitlingClosed Captioning

Subtitling is the process of translating the dialogue of video footage into a foreign language.

Closed captions are the text version of the original spoken dialogues and sound of a video.


A subtitle includes:

  • Dialogue;
  • Narration;
  • Other vocal participants (on-screen text, forced narrative, etc.)

A closed caption should have:

  • Spoken dialogue;
  • Sound effects (footsteps, doors closing, cars driving by, etc.);
  • Background noises (forest sounds, the buzzing of lights, etc.);
  • Speakers’ names;
  • Other non-speech elements.

Subtitling makes your media products accessible to non-native speakers.

Closed captioning is used to aid people who are deaf or hard of hearing or in situations where the sound can not be heard.

When to use?
  • Your media products are distributed in foreign markets.
  • Your target audience is both native speakers of the original language and people who do not speak the language.
  • Your videos are public multimedia.
  • You want people with hearing impairments to enjoy the video.
  • Your media is displayed in a sound-sensitive environment (hospitals) or noisy places (public transportation and crowded streets).
  • Your media is distributed on social media sites in default silent mode.
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Why Choose GTE Media?

Audience-Centered Approach

Audience-Centered Approach

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Best Value

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End-to-end Services

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