5 Reasons Why Subtitling Services Can Make Your Audiovisual Content More Popular

Posted by Anne Quach on December 30, 2021.

Subtitles are a great addition to any audiovisual content. Whether you’re producing short commercials, TV shows, or feature films, subtitles offer a plethora of visible benefits. Subtitling services ensure that audiences in many places, even globally, can enjoy your movies, TV shows, video games, videos, etc. 

In our today’s post, we will share with you 5 reasons why subtitles can make your audiovisual production more popular.

What are Subtitles?

Subtitles are the text that you frequently see when watching foreign films. It is the translation of all conversations in the language you speak and understand. Subtitles allow viewers to enjoy videos even if they do not understand the language used in them. Subtitles just displays the translations of conversations and do not convey the other movie’s sound effects.

English subtitles for a Korean movie

English subtitles for a Korean movie

Subtitles are tools for targeting worldwide markets and making your video content easily accessible to people in different nations.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu have made it easier for foreign-language productions to reach worldwide audiences. Dark, Lupine, Roma, and Money Heist are just a few examples of Netflix products that have reached a huge audience thanks to supporting of subtitles in different languages.


Why Do Subtitling Services Help Your Audiovisual Products More Accessible?

There are numerous reasons why using subtitling services can help your audiovisual products get closer to your target audiences.

#1. Not All Viewers Speak Your Languages

Subtitling services help non-native speakers enhance their understanding of what’s being said and make it easier to follow the storyline. The key to making your audiovisual products popular is to reach your customers in their language.

Language Barrier

Since there are about 7000 languages in the world, translating subtitles on your videos will help reach more people. Subtitles ensure that your viewers can understand the content of your videos. Only by understanding the video can your audiences feel attracted and continue watching. What’s more, when they are interested in your videos, they will also like, share, or find more information about your other audiovisual products, helping your videos get exposure to more viewers.


#2. Not Everyone Can Hear Audio Content 

According to the World Health Organization, more than 5% of the world’s population are deaf or have other hearing disabilities (about 432 million adults and 34 million children). Without subtitles services, they can’t understand any of your audiovisual content product conveys. It is important that people with hearing disabilities could be potential audiences interested in your content.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Audiences

Subtitles services will ensure that people who are hearing impaired interact with your content, as well as people with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorders. In this regard, subtitles are the best support tool. In some cases, you are required by law to include subtitles in order for you to be authorized to distribute your content. By following these laws, you make your content more popular and help people who can’t hear to enjoy your product.


#3. Audio Cannot Be Turned On On Every Situation

In fact, up to 80% of viewers put videos on mute, 69% of consumers prefer to watch videos without sound when in public, and 25% prefer to watch them in private. The reason is simple. Because they are in places that require quiet like the office, library or they are listening to a piece of music while viewing your videos. 

Also, 80% of these consumers prefer videos with subtitles according to some studies. By giving viewers the option to read, you hold their attention longer. In many cases where videos don’t have subtitles, people have to guess what’s going on. As a result, they will most likely abandon the video and move on to the next one. 

More convincingly, subtitles increase video watch time by about 12%. Therefore, if you want your audiovisual products to “retain” viewers longer and increase the “viral” effect, you should use subtitling services for your videos.


#4. Boost Your SEO In International Markets

Up to 90% of online interactions go back to the search engine, and 70% of people will visit the link that appears first in the search results. That means if your website isn’t among the top search results, your chances of being reached through a search engine are very low. Don’t forget that your goal is to ensure a good ranking on the search engines. This way, your product will reach more customers. Obviously, it’s important to provide content that can help your customers understand, love, and learn from it. Therefore, using subtitling services for videos makes it easier for people to find your content. Furthermore, Google indexes subtitles on videos, which can make a big difference to how many people find your website, watch your videos, and connect with your brand.


#5. Improved Social Engagement

Another advantage of subtitle services, videos with subtitles tend to attract more viewers. When viewers can follow the video, they are more likely to focus on the content of your video. Because at this time, the brain needs more resources to hear and process information. Understandably, if video viewers can read the information displayed on the screen, they are more likely to remember it longer. Especially in an era where attention span is decreasing, better engagement is more important than ever. A video that can well combine the transmission of sound, image, and readability will bring more effective outreach.

Social Engagement


How To Get Quality Subtitling Services For Your Audiovisual Products?

As can be seen, subtitles bring a lot of benefits in promoting the accessibility of your product. From there, your brand is also noticed and sought by more customers. Adding subtitles to your audiovisual products is the ideal solution to perfect your promotion and product quality.

GTE has always understood that subtitles must be accurate and must reflect cultural characteristics for the artwork to be complete without sacrificing the authenticity and message the product wants to convey. We understand the importance of capturing localization requirements along with professional subtitling services. Our subtitlers can be interpreted to reflect the exact meaning of the video you requested. Our company knows how important it is to reach an audience and that is our main priority.

GTE Media provides professional, 100% human-generated subtitle services for all types of content, including many categories such as subtitle translation, video timecoding, subtitling encoding, subtitles for SDH, and more. 

Subtitling services

Contact us now for consultancy and quality subtitling services from GTE Media!



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