Why Subtitling Services Are Important When You Enter The Thai Market?

Posted by Anne Quach on December 31, 2021.

With great advantages in population, location and economy, Thailand attracts the attention of many global companies and corporations. Some of them show their strong desires for successful market penetration into this potential market by competing in marketing strategies including video marketing. When it comes to video content, subtitling service is considered as a key to gaining success in the most effective way. 

In today’s post, we will discuss the role of subtitling services as well as set up standards in choosing quality subtitling services suppliers. 

What is Subtitling?

In regard to subtitling, there are some definitions and examples that need referring. Once knowing them, you may realize that subtitling is something very common.  To put it simply, subtitling is defined as the technique of converting spoken speech into written text on the screen. What makes subtitling become an important part of the video is the considerable assistance in displaying audiovisual translation by bilingual forms. In other words, subtitling’s definition can be described as the version of verbal source-dialogue that has been translated into the target language, which is displayed in the form of a text appearing simultaneously with the discourse.

Vietnamese movies with English Subtitles

An Asian movie with English Subtitles – Image source: CGV Vietnam

For example, some famous Korean movies and dramas can reach a great number of viewers all over the world thanks to English subtitles. As global integration is expanding far and wide, the use of subtitles is increased not only in entertainment as well as marketing and other fields.

To better know about subtitling, you can get more useful information via this article.


5 Reasons Why Subtitling Services Help Your Audiovisual More Popular In Thailand

In such a particular market like Thailand, subtitling services can lead the way in launching a successful marketing strategy by popularizing your audiovisual products. Let’s take a look at the benefits that subtitling services can bring to your business.

#1. Reach The Population With Low English Proficiency In Thailand

It is a paradox that Thai people have very low English proficiency while the English language is considered as one of the most common foreign languages in this kingdom. To the Thai population, English is the language of tourism – which makes a major contribution to the country’s economy. However, the difference between this language and their mother tongue makes it hard for people to be fluent in it. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Thais have a welcoming attitude toward bilingual content, especially English-Thai audiovisual content.  

Thai English Proficiency

 For this reason, subtitles are a must-have to approach Thai audiences in the most effective and extensive way. Not only can a subtitled video enhance the understanding of your company and the carried messages but it also enables you to reach a large and prospective market. 


#2. Help Thai People With Disability Access Your Content

The use of subtitling services for the sake of people with hearing impairments and disabilities have long been widely known as the term Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH).

According to WASLI, in 2007, Thailand had about 389,000 persons aged 7 and above suffering from hearing impairments. The number obviously increases with time and population growth, which lead to the need for SDH as well as other kinds of audiovisual and video content translation services for people with hearing impairments. With the help of subtitles, so many hearing-disabled people in Thailand are beneficial and get access to your high-quality visual content. 


#3. Solving Problems When Audio Cannot Be Turned On In Specific Situations

As many as 47 million – which equals 71% of the population – are Facebook users in Thailand. The number of Instagram and Twitter users are 11 million and 9 million respectively. Besides, Youtube can also rank high in the list of popular networking sites with the boom of new channels and videos uploaded per day. The common thing of these platforms is using social media videos that are muted by default. This is not a trivial problem because it causes bad effects to millions of users, viewers and even more their business or experience.  

Mute Videos

In addition, people in public places such as streets, hospitals or other kinds of sound-sensitive environments find it inconvenient to have the use of audio functions because of the unavoidability. 

To cope with all of these above issues, subtitling service is an optimal solution in order to get rid of challenges arising from external conditions and to provide audiences with the best visual audio translation assistance.  


#4. Improved Social Engagement

Based on Tubular insights’ research, videos with subtitles can help to increase the time of viewing, viewership and other essential factors that give rise to social engagement. Particularly in such a market with a great linking toward video content and a growing online video ecosystem like Thailand, viewers tend to focus more and have better specific engagement on subtitled video content in preference to non-subtitled ones. 


#5. Boost Your SEO In The Google in Thailand

As being the first on the list of most-visited websites in Thailand, Google and its ranking tool are the keys for you to take hold of when using a video with subtitles. Including subtitling services into videos also means making Google index subtitles the videos, which help Google’s search engine gets used to the keywords and put them at the top of the ranking.

Boost Your SEO in the Google in Thailand


How To Find Quality Subtitling Services?

For all these great advantages that can be brought about by applying subtitling services into videos, GTE Media is here to open the door to our best subtitler team. We make sure to offer high-quality services for all kinds of subtitling-related projects thanks to our qualified and experienced staff who have been dealing with a lot of Thai-related projects. 

At GTE Media, all subtitling processes take place under the most profound research into the Thai market and the strict quality assurance policies with the intention of satisfying our customers. Making a commitment of quality, punctuality and rate mean that GTE Media always takes these standards as a matter of greatest importance. 

Subtitling services

To get more information and begin with your own subtitling project, make contact with us here.



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