5 Reasons Why Subtitling Services Can Make Your Audiovisual Products More Successful in Vietnam

Posted by Anne Quach on December 20, 2021.

Using video-based content has become an increasing trend for companies to promote their brands and products in the Vietnamese market. Many believe that producing amazing and engaging video content with good sound quality is enough. Will your audiovisual products attract a large Vietnamese audience based just on these two criteria? In fact, making your products more accessible to global markets should be added and seen as one of the most important objectives for your campaigns. One way to make it possible is to use media localization services such as subtitling services or dubbing services.

While dubbing services bring your audiences an authentic viewing experience, subtitling services are more affordable and preferred by Vietnamese as they can listen to the original voices and emotions. In this post, we will discuss how subtitling services can help your audiovisual products be more successful in Vietnam.

What is Subtitling?

Subtitles display the written version of the video’s audio, but not in the source language. They are translations of spoken and narrated conversations in a video.

Subtitle translation is a strong tool for helping people in other nations understand what your audiovisual product is trying to convey.

Vietnamese Subtitling Services

Vietnamese Subtitles for Doraemon: Stand by Me 2

In addition, the video cannot be interpreted by the search engine. As a result, having a video with subtitling services, including translations for the title, description, and transcript leads to greater internet reach. It increases your company’s visibility in global marketplaces.

Therefore, adding subtitles to audio-visual products is one of the creative and great promotional solutions that not all businesses are aware of. The advantages that subtitles bring to the success of media products in the Vietnamese market can include optimizing accessibility, getting huge views, meeting the needs of the audience, etc. For example, the movie Parasite has English subtitles to make the product easily accessible to a global audience.


Why Should You Use Subtitling Services When It Comes to the Vietnamese Market?

#1. Vietnamese People Have Low English Proficiency

The most popular foreign language in Vietnam is English, yet Vietnamese people have low proficiency. The proof is that Vietnam ranks #66 out of 112 and ranked 12th out of 24 Asian countries. Thus, Vietnam is classified in the Low-Level group with the EF EPI English proficiency index of 486. Moreover, not everyone learns in the same way. Some people need to listen, while others need to see. If the video has subtitles, you may be sure that everyone, regardless of learning style, will get the intended message. So, subtitles are a must to help Vietnamese audiences enhance their understanding of what’s being said and make it easier to follow the storyline.

English Proficiency of Vietnamese

#2. Subtitles Help Vietnamese with Disability Access Your Content

Once the video has been uploaded to the internet, anyone with an internet connection can share and watch it. And, as you may know, approximately 466 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss or other disabilities, including Vietnamese. So, after reading the statistics, are you still perplexed as to why subtitles are so important? Using subtitling services for your audiovisual productions can make videos more accessible because everyone can comprehend what’s going on. Moreover, they may skip your video if it lacks subtitles.

#3. Audio cannot be turned on on every situation

According to a survey, only 15% of Facebook videos are viewed with audio. The rest of the videos are played automatically in quiet mode. Furthermore, social media users frequently ignore the audio and view the information in muted mode. This is because they may be listening to their favourite music. Furthermore, according to Verizon Media research, 65 per cent of customers prefer to watch movies without sound in public, while 25 per cent prefer to watch them in private. In addition, 80 per cent of those surveyed prefer subtitled videos. As a result, in order to create a successful video, a superb audiovisual output must be matched with subtitling services.

Facebook Videos play mute

#4. Boost Your SEO in Vietnamese markets

In truth, SEO is significant for reaching the proper Vietnamese audience and increasing engagement with your audiovisual product. Best of all, subtitles bring a lot of actual value to your content by making it much easier to find on Google by ranking higher.

Aside from Google reading the subtitles, the system also tracks dwell duration. As a result, the factors listed above reinforce the lifetime and further reinforce the positive search results. Furthermore, more clicks and fewer bounces cause videos to go “viral”.

#5. Improved Social Engagement

When Vietnamese viewers can follow along with the video, they are far more likely to focus on the content. It means many people share that even though they watch audio-only films, they like reading subtitles on videos when they watch them on social media. Closed subtitling allows your films to cater to the specific interests of a larger audience. Closed subtitles have a 16 per cent higher reach on Facebook. Furthermore, subtitles increase shares by 15%, reactions by 17%, and call-to-action clicks by a quarter!

As a result, hiring video subtitling services can increase the number of Vietnamese people who see your audiovisual work. From there, your business is also more successful in promoting to a diverse audience.


Let’s Summarize

In conclusion, subtitling services are crucial in improving your company’s audiovisual products before exposing them to Vietnamese audiences. Subtitles, on the other hand, must be correct and completely express the local cultural aspect of the work without loss of authenticity.

GTE Media understands the importance of capturing localization needs as well as a professional subtitling serviceAs a result, before beginning a project, we thoroughly investigate your target audience. We can choose the best translator for your projects from a resource of skilled translators. Our subtitlers can interpret the subtitles to reflect the exact meaning of the video within the term. Our organization recognizes the significance of viewer comprehension and makes it a top priority. We provide comprehensive end-to-end media localization solutions without the need for you to waste time looking for an intermediate. Above all, with a commitment to professionalism, we always ensure on-time project handover, no matter how large or little the project is.

Vietnamese Subtitling Services

As a Vietnamese-based medial localization agency, GTE Media has the advantages of understanding Vietnamese culture, language, and audience behaviour to provide you with a variety of high-quality services such as Subtitles Translation, Video Timecoding, Subtitle for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Subtitle Review, Subtitle Encoding, etc. Make your audiovisual products more accessible to a wider audience and wider media by contacting us now! 

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