Subtitling Services vs. Dubbing Services: Which is The Best Choice for Your Audiovisual Products in The Vietnamese Market?

Posted by Anne Quach on December 31, 2021.

It is no exaggeration to say that people are living in the age of audiovisual products. With the widespread popularity of images, videos and other forms of media, audiences from all over the world demand ways to better understand the videos that they are watching. Especially when it comes to video content in Vietnam, subtitling and dubbing are the two first factors that come to mind as the key to the success of marketing strategy because of linguistic proficiency and preference of Vietnamese people.

In today’s article, we will help you to explore these two options when watching a video: subtitling and dubbing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these? And which is the best choice for your audiovisual to satisfy the Vietnamese audience? We find out the answers in this article.

What is Subtitling?

To begin with, it is necessary to look through some particular characteristics of subtitling and dubbing before bringing them into comparison.

Subtitling is defined as the process in which the conversation of a video is translated into a foreign language under the form of subtitles. The content that is converted into subtitles includes narration, communication and any other kind of vocal elements. That is to say, subtitling aims at people who can hear the audio but cannot comprehend the language. 

For example, due to the expansion of Korean pop or K-pop, the need for Korean subtitles in Vietnam and other Asia countries is on the rise. That’s why Korean audiovisual contents with multi-subtitles are very popular. 

Vietnamese Subtitles_Subtitling Services

Movies with Vietnamese Subtitles

The huge benefits of this type of translation also reflect the fact that audiences prefer understanding and enjoying the original audio track at the same time. And subtitles get the better of both worlds by providing people with all fully satisfactory experiences in comprehending and watching. This advantage is a solution to reach not only foreign language learners but also a great amount of the population with hearing impairments and disabilities.

Besides, the converting process from voice into text is not much of a challenge. As a result, the cost to make subtitles is rather cheap thanks to the great number of free tools and software on the Internet. People can create subtitles with their smartphones or laptops. 

Smartphones or laptops can be used to make subtitles for videos

Smartphones or laptops can be used to make subtitles for videos

However, perfect as it may seem, subtitles do have some drawbacks which limit the demand of users. The problem arises from the fact that subtitling translations appear and disappear at the speed of spoken conversation, which makes it difficult for viewers to keep up with and easy to be distracted from some action on the screen. About this point, there are many arguments that support the people who don’t like using subtitles. 


What is Dubbing?

Another option for those who are not in favour of subtitling is dubbing. To give the meaning of dubbing, it is described as mixing or replacing the original audio with target languages. This is post-production which adds sync recordings to substitute the first soundtrack. Clearly, dubbing is different from subtitling in terms of sense. While subtitling makes the audience read the translated text of the spoken discourse, dubbing lets them hear a translated one.  

Dubbing is mixing or re-recording the original audio

Dubbing is mixing or re-recording the original audio

For instance, Disney animated cartoons and movies are normally translated into dubbing form because not all the children have completely literacy skills. 

By this illustration, the most beneficial aspect of dubbing is obviously realized by making it possible for a wide variety of ages to enjoy. From a child with little reading skills to the elderly with a slow sense of sight, dubbing helps them to approach the content in an understandable and pleasing way. Visually-impaired audiences can also put dubbing to good use to aid them. 

What is more, dubbing can help to narrow the gap between countries by adapting the cultural and linguistic differences, which leads to a better understanding and entertainment experience.

A professional studio for dubbing’s performance

A professional studio for dubbing performance

So many strong points have been listed, be that as may, the downside of dubbing it still exists. Since the performance of dubbing requires multidisciplinary processes in a professional studio with trained voice actors, specialized equipment, time consuming and audio post-production stage, it comes as no surprise that the expense is so high and the time to complete it so long. 


What is Your Right Choice – Subtitling Services or Dubbing Services?

Subtitling and dubbing have their own pros and cons. To make decisions on what kind of services to pick up, there may need to consider some of the following factors when it comes to the preference of the audiences in the Vietnamese market.

Vietnamese age and sex structure

Vietnamese age and sex structure

Firstly, since the Vietnamese age structure is rather young, the general audience has the tendency toward subtitles, which enables them to learn new languages by listening to the original native voice. Although age-related factors make dubbing a necessary service for children and the elderly, the large proportion of adults still increases the dominance of subtitling. 

Secondly, with the position of an upper-middle-income country, people in Vietnam would prefer to use an affordable service like subtitling rather than wasting a tenfold amount on dubbing. 

Thirdly, to compare the project’s urgency, subtitling services have a big advantage of shorter turnaround time than dubbing. Time is a key issue in a country with such fast growth in social media like Vietnam. 


To Sum Up

In helping so many clients find out the right answer to the question of the better services, GTE Media has long been considered the case of subtitling and dubbing as not a competition but a finding to find out the most suitable one for the Vietnamese market. There is no doubt that subtitling is the best option to translate your audiovisual content and GTE Media is here with the mission of leading you the way to high-quality subtitling services. Knowing that value is the best commitment, GTE Media attaches importance to deeply studying the Vietnamese target audience through our native translators and specialized staff. 

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