The Importance of Subtitling Services at an eConference

Posted by Ariel Duong on April 26, 2022.

As a result of these unforeseen worldwide shifts due to the epidemic, the popularity of eConference apps has skyrocketed and has been adopted by the most significant industries. When an online meeting conference has to be inclusive and clear communication is required, using subtitling services is the top priority for any organization to get success.

Today’s article would introduce the eConference and how subtitling services can improve it for your business.


What is eConference?

An eConference is an organized debate that takes place via the Internet using a computer-mediated mode of communication. The eConferences are less expensive to organize and attend than traditional face-to-face meetings. 

subtitling services for eConference

During this online conference session, people utilize numerous forms of software. MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype are the most often used for informal talks among friends and acquaintances in social chat communities.

If you’re having an eConference that requires attendees to absorb content quickly and efficiently, subtitling services may be necessary. All of your participants will be able to comprehend what is being said during your conference thanks to conference captioning. It takes the meeting’s source language and displays a text in that same language on the screen.

Everyone is on the same page and there is no space for misconceptions. This is an essential project’s progress that can be maintained.


What Type Of Subtitling Services Are Suitable For eConference?

The sort of subtitling solution you need for your eConference is determined by the type of engagement you expect. Is the call, for example, likely to involve a lot of conversation, or is it likely to be brief and straightforward? Below are some of the many sorts of subtitling services available.

Live Video Subtitles And Caption

Live subtitling services

Live subtitles and captions are supplied for your video conference when you caption for an eConference, allowing all guests, regardless of language, to interact with the content of the conference, whether they are colleagues, investors, or consumers.

Your live eConference video and audio stream is routed over the Internet to a professional translator, who immediately translates and captions the information. The translator then sends these captions back to your company through the Internet, resulting in a flawless video conferencing experience for all parties involved and allowing your company to make the most efficient use of everyone’s time during the video conference session.

Transcription And Subtitles Services

There are numerous methods for transcribing an eConference, but it all relies on the amount of input you expect from conference call participants as well as the time limitations your team faces.

  • If everyone who requires information from the video conference is in the eConference, then live video eConference captioning is the best option.
  • You can transcribe your eConference after it has been hosted if it needs to be recorded and transmitted to other members of your team or other stakeholders. The video conference will be available to transmit to your multilingual staff once it has been professionally captioned in one or more languages.
  • Some eConferences will be documented in the form of minutes, which will be distributed around the organization or to stakeholders. During your video conference, a minute-taker (or numerous minute-takers, depending on the scope) will take minutes that can be translated into whichever languages your company demands.

While a transcribing service is slower than a real-time translation, it allows your company to interact with stakeholders and other critical persons who were unable to attend the meeting or want to know more about your business.


What Benefits Can Subtitling Services Bring To Your eConference?

A company that communicates globally must do it with precise clarity, whether it’s holding a business meeting on the other side of the world or issuing briefs to its global marketing staff.

Provide Deeper Comprehension

Even if you’re having no problems with eConference calls or language obstacles right now, the results may not be what you expected. What you say and what people hear in a multilingual conference call aren’t usually the same thing.

deeper comprehension

Non-native speakers struggle to grasp even the most basic sentences due to unfamiliar accents and speaking speeds. With video subtitling services, you can get rid of all of these problems in one go.

Keep Concentration 

Subtitling services can help keep everyone in the audience focused. Subtitles have grown standard across all forms of entertainment, regardless of whether or not individuals are deaf.

Because adding them gives us more depth and helps us remember what we’ve learned. If you’re giving a long presentation or addressing a difficult subject, video subtitling may make the difference between a fascinated and a bewildered audience.

Eliminate The Sound Interference

There is no such thing as a typical gathering location in today’s globe. Businesses must be adaptable, flexible, and ready to respond quickly. Sometimes an impromptu conference is necessary, and you’ll need to be logged in and comprehend what’s being said no matter where you are in the globe.

Every now and again, inadequate connectivity or even outside sounds might put a stop to a good discussion. Nothing can stop information from reaching where it needs to go with video subtitles, no matter what the world around you is happening.

Bring The Global Thinking

think global with subtitling services

Any company that claims to be a global player must consider offering multilingual subtitling services. Is a corporation that only devotes a tiny portion of its resources to regions outside of its own nation really a global enterprise?

Multilingual subtitles demonstrate to the world that you’re a company that cares about and understands the world around you, both internally and publicly.

Have A Message That Everyone Can Understand

Whatever the nature of your eConference call, the reality remains that one consistent message delivered throughout a conference is more potent than a hundred separate sessions split across various teams and time zones.

Your business strategies and responsibilities should all be tied together by a clear goal that everyone understands. So, make the most of conference captions by converting them to subtitles to guarantee that your colleagues feel valued, understood, and motivated by the same objective.


In short

Regardless of the language used to host your eConference, you can avoid the risk of alienating some of your guests if you hold an eConference call with multilingual subtitling services provided by a professional agency like GTE Media. Our experienced subtitlers can produce first-rate post-recording transcriptions and accurate real-time translations for your next eConference. So don’t hesitate to contact our experts for more information and get the best offer.

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