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Posted by Gummy Tran on June 30, 2022.

Are you looking for reliable and fast online video transcription services?

Video is the main mode of audience communication for businesses and producers, and its use in research is rapidly expanding. However, video creators confront serious accessibility problems without transcriptions, closed captions, or subtitles.

There are many reasons why video is wonderful. However, it might be challenging to find a standout statement, an interesting fact, or a soundbite in video footage. On the other hand, video transcripts are simple to get, search for, and parse.

Video transcriptions can help you reach more audiences globally through any type of solution including entertainment, marketing, video game, etc. Video transcription is crucial, but video transcription production takes lots of time and effort. To make it easier, you can get a quality video transcription service from GTE Media. 

Our video transcription services

transcription services

Video transcription has several advantages, whether it’s for business, communication, or amusement. Video footage cannot be indexed by search engines, so an online transcription of your content will be very beneficial to SEO. This increases the accessibility of your material and broadens the audiences you can contact. 

A video transcript service can assist you in making your point more understandable for everything from YouTube transcription to seminars, entertainment, and promotional content. Using time stamping will make it simpler for your audience to navigate. Finally, video transcription services will enable access to your content even in quiet settings. Don’t forget that we also provide translation services, making it simple for your captions and subtitles to reach new audiences across the world.


Professional video transcription services for any industry

Transcription Equipment - transcription services

There are many possible applications for video transcriptions. We have you covered whether you’re a creative hoping to connect with your audience or a market researcher hoping to simply transcribe your video.


We can ensure that you have quick access to the information you require, whether you’re seeking YouTube transcription or a transcription of a lecture you’ve recorded.

We can help you convert your audio and video to text for dissertations, interviews, lectures, seminars, webinars, etc. 


Make customized scripts so you can quickly grab relevant soundbites and quotations when you need them.

We can assist you in converting your audio and video to text for interviews, video content, podcasts, documentaries, etc.


We provide high-quality transcription services and help you convert your audio and video to text for various content such as meetings, video content, phone calls, etc. 


Our legal transcription services will meet your demands and requirements. Let’s convert your audio and video to text with our premium solutions for hearings, arbitration, court transcripts, depositions, evidence, etc.


You can count on our medical transcription services. Our subject-matter experts will be up to the task to convert your audio and video to text for many types of content including reports, medical history, research interviews, consultations, discharge summaries, etc. 

#6.Many more

If you require any other industry, you can rely on our professional solution. We support religious sermons, investor meetings, public speeches, etc. 


Why choose GTE Media?

GTE Media is a reputable provider of audio and video transcription services that has offices in the U.S, Singapore, and Vietnam. Over 1,200 qualified transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer service representatives make up our team. In order to guarantee top-notch outcomes, we routinely assess the quality of our audio transcription services.

#1.Assurance of accuracy

As a professional media localization agency, we don’t only want to hit 80% accuracy, we promise a minimum of 99 percent! Even for complex scripts, our video transcripts may provide you with a customized post-production script with guaranteed high correctness.

To make it even simpler for you to search through your transcript for the information you require, we can also offer a number of optional features like timestamps and speaker comments.

#2.Lifetime warranty

Here at GTE Media, we offer a lifetime warranty for all of our video transcription services. Various businesses and leading organizations have chosen to work with us due to our premium quality.

#3.Budget-saving rate

For years, we have delivered budget-saving transcription services for all sizes of businesses and various industries. Work with us, you can meet your budget target as well as other needs. 

#4.Quick turnaround time

Get the subtitles or transcriptions you require when you need them. To fit your timeline and budget, we provide fast turnaround times for your project.

In order to work on both general and domain-specific content, we choose the most qualified and experienced international transcriptionists.

#5.Human transcription services

Other low-cost providers sacrifice good quality in favor of machine-based transcription. Our method enables the transcribers to type every word with nearly flawless quality. 

GTE Media has a skilled team of native human transcribers for all major languages worldwide with at least 5 years of experience. Therefore, we will bring the best quality video transcription services at a high quality, a fast turnaround time, and a budget-saving rate. 

#6.Outstanding quality assurance

With our transcription service, we guarantee dependability and correctness. To keep track of transcribers’ performance and keep the best talent, we use effective monitoring and feedback methods. 

Review and several edits enable us to offer top quality and accuracy to meet the accuracy you need.


Get in touch with our team

The staff at GTE Media has many transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer service representatives that have received professional training and certification. To give the greatest transcription services with the highest level of accuracy, we rely on people rather than robots. 

For many years, thousands of hours of audio and video have been entrusted to us by new and returning international clients.

transcription services

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