The Companion for Your Premium Korean Subtitling Services

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GTE Media is a specialized media translation company that creates Korean subtitling services for media corporations, ad agencies, and businesses around the world. Our Korean transcription and subtitling staff are pros at providing these services, among other things.

Both North and South Korea’s official languages are Korean. However, each nation has a different set of standardized official forms. Globally, 77 million people speak Korean. The Korean community speaks Korean in nations like Japan, China, and the United States in addition to inside Korea.  

A short history of the Korean language

The Companion for Your Premium Korean Subtitling Services

Although it is frequently believed that Korean belongs to the central Asian Altaic language family, which also includes Turkish and Mongolian, little is known about the language’s early history.

Many linguistic aspects are shared by Korean and Japanese, another language that is frequently considered to be an Altaic language. It was also affected by Chinese, even though Chinese is a different language family and many Chinese characters may be found in written Chinese.

King Sejong created the Hangul writing system, which is still in use today in Korea (1397-1450). Its goal was to provide the Korean people access to their own phonetic script, so removing the limitations of using Chinese to convey the Korean language.

In Korea, there still have a variety of regional dialects. The Kaesong dialect became the accepted national accent after the capital was relocated to Kaesong in the tenth century. Despite some slight changes, the dialects used in North and South Korea largely follow the guidelines established by the Korean Language Society in 1933.


Tips for preparing your videos for Korean subtitling services

The Companion for Your Premium Korean Subtitling Services 1

  • Always make sure the topic has been translated into the language you need because it may mean there are standard ways to spell things like product names. If at all feasible, list these in a glossary so that we can notify Korean translators.
  • Make sure the video you send the translation provider is final since if it changes in the midst of the project, all the translated content and timings will need to be redone at an additional expense.
  • It is always preferable to first time-code the video in the original language before translating it. This way, only one set of time-coding needs to be completed. If not, we will have to time-code every language separately, which will cost more and take longer.
  • Ask your guide or translator if they can provide you with a written transcript of everything that was recorded if you intend to record raw footage in a language you do not understand and edit it afterward.


Our premium Korean subtitling services

The Companion for Your Premium Korean Subtitling Services 2

It can be challenging to find excellent subtitling services. Many businesses use machine-generated subtitles that are automatically generated, reducing quality. These poor-quality subs will be difficult to understand or learn from for non-native speaking audiences.

Additionally, this is harmful to the considerable viewership who suffers from a hearing problem. These populations may not be able to enjoy TV, film, or internet entertainment due to poor subtitles.

We follow different practices. GTE Localize exclusively creates expert subtitles that have been interpreted and created by human professionals. We guarantee you accurate, fast, and outstanding Korean subtitling services.

For various video content, including webinars, e-learning courses, product explainers, marketing, promotional videos, and much more, GTE Media provides an affordable Korean subtitling solution. With over 100 languages, we have extensive experience providing transcription, subtitles, and captions. Send us your specifications, and we’ll take care of the rest with our comprehensive and affordable Korean subtitle solution.

We can work with any file type, whether you need Korean subtitles burned into an MP4 or an SRT file created. If your video calls for it, our knowledgeable team of in-house video engineers can also localize on-screen text (OST). You may count on our experience and service excellence with confidence.


Our dedicated project manager for Korean subtitling services

You will work with one of our devoted and knowledgeable project managers who will walk you through each stage of the project delivery process. They will first go over your source materials to make sure we have everything we need to offer a well-thought-out solution. Additionally, if your project calls for voicing, they will leverage their familiarity with our reputable voice actors to guarantee that you receive the greatest voice at a fair price.

To make sure your media is produced on time and within your budget, they will organize studio time, monitor the production process, and pay close attention to the intricacies of your project throughout.


Choose professional Korean subtitling services

Engage global audiences with our Korean subtitling services now. Our quick and simple video subtitling services assist your audio-visual material to become more popular internationally. Our excellent customer service and high-quality subtitling services are attested to by our clients.

Professional subtitling services

We’ve aided clients in overcoming cultural barriers. Start right away by reaching out to us.

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