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Posted by Ethan N. on January 30, 2023.

Podcasts are more and more popular. There are 700,000 shows and 229 million episodes, available to listen to, there’s no shortage of content for your ears. Podcasts have plenty of benefits for listeners, too.

You can’t just record your podcasts and publish them. In order to gain the attention of listeners to your show, it’s vital that you get podcast transcription services to leverage text online.

Commuters can digest content on their way to work. A trip to the gym or cooking when your audience has a fun podcast to listen to. While listening to podcasts, people will actually look forward to activities like doing dishes or folding laundry.

When it comes to podcasting, high-quality and reliable podcast transcription services are an absolute must.

What Can Podcast Transcription Services Be Used For?

Podcast transcription services have a wide variety of benefits, as a podcaster, you should take advantage of its services to reach more audiences. For example, if you’re going to upload your podcast on a website, a text file clearly displayed would allow search engines to crawl the information easily. 

You can also take excerpts from the recording and use them for marketing materials across your social media channels, email newsletters, and other publishing platforms besides your blog. The paragraph below would express more about the advantage of using podcast transcription services 

People Who are Hard of Hearing or Suffer from Auditory Processing Disorder

Hearing loss affects 48 million people in the United States. Some people are born with a form of hearing loss; others acquire it throughout their lives. 

The studies have shown that:

  • 15 percent of children between 6 and 19 years old have some form of hearing loss
  • 14 percent of adults 45-64 also suffer from it. 

That percentage increases the older your listeners become – 2 in 3 adults over the age of 75 experience hearing loss.


Even if people don’t experience hearing loss, they may have Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). People with APD have difficulty recognizing subtle differences between sounds in words, can have trouble with the order of sounds, or find it tough to block out competing noises in the background. About five percent of children experience APD; the disorder can continue into adulthood.

Being able to follow a podcast with podcast transcription services can benefit people who have these hearing problems. They can really digest the information being spoken at a pace that works for them.

Language Learners

The are millions of people in the U.S. whose native language is English. They were born and grew up learning and speaking English naturally. They can understand even the hardest English idioms such as “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” and “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

For those people, an audio-only podcast may work just fine. But those aren’t the only members of your audience. About one in ten students in the U.S. are English language learners – people who, as the name suggests, are currently learning English.


Furthermore, the trend of learning on podcasts is popular among students. The text transcript is not only helped students define the new words but also makes them understand the story flow of the podcast, in case, they can’t listen clearly.   

Thus, the podcast transcription services entail you to reach more people who are not English speakers or learning English as a second language. It can foster your brand image as well as create brand loyalty. 

Search Engine Optimization for Your Website

Beyond making your show more accessible for your listeners, there are several benefits to using podcast transcription services

Your SEO will see a boost; search engines crawl sites for content and determine the value of a site or page by looking for specific keywords and terms online. Each one of your episodes likely contains several keywords or phrases, but if you’re only including a quick recap of the episode, your site won’t rank as highly as it should.


Podcast translation services are also valuable to showcase your expertise. You can take quick bits from the recording and share them across social media, email newsletters, blogs on your website, contributed content to other sites, and a whole lot more.

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Reach More Podcast Listeners With Podcast Transcription Services

There’s plenty to focus your time and energy on when you’re putting your podcast together. Transcription shouldn’t be one of the things that cause you trouble. 

GTE Media, a professional podcast transcription services company, provides you with a dedicated team of native translators and subject matter experts to help you overcome any level of complexity. We also offer a lifetime warranty to make sure the clients are satisfied with our services.

Ready to give your podcast a boost with the best podcast transcription services around? Contact us today for a free consultation!

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