How to Boost Your Global Video Marketing Strategy with Subtitling Services?

Posted by Gummy Tran on December 24, 2021.

Subtitling Services have served as a lifeline for the way businesses run their marketing activities, which has helped them reach a wider customer base regardless of language and geography.

To achieve that, businesses have learned to combine the use of video marketing and subtitling services. Much as people tend to be distracted by images and graphic motions, subtitles get those viewers to stay focused on the message conveyed, therefore, it becomes more powerful and mesmerizing. Still, how can this tool help target and retain customers?

Let’s take a close look at how to make use of such an empowering combination, namely video marketing and subtitling services. 

Why is Global Video Marketing Strategy a Worthy Investment? 

Subtitling services

Leveraging video content guarantees an optimal return on investment for your marketing strategy as videos seem to surpass its other forms of content on the account of virality. From then on, your customers’ brand awareness can be improved.

It comes as no surprise that many social media platforms have settled to do so when they exponentially integrate many video-related features to support the creation and distribution of this content type. This move by many social media companies in some ways offers an explanation for an enormous percentage of 81 that utilize video as a way to do marketing. In this digital era, you’ll be heading towards a loss for the lack of videos in your global content marketing strategy.

Due to the distance that an increase in digital activities happens to create, videos might be the only way to establish emotional connections which people are yearning for in this vast space. Therefore, video marketing functions as the most effective way to reach people, appeal to them and instil in them certain habits of mind as well as behaviours. 


Keep Videos Short for Your Subtitling Services

It hardly is necessary to be the part and parcel of every video marketing’s success. Still,  sufficient information in a short amount of time never ceases to do wonders for your marketing message. Videos can take longer when they are prepared for a specific purpose and those in charge aim to make them as informative and updated as much as they can. 


Follow Subtitling Best Practices 

Subtitling services

To get the audience engaged with the information provided in the video, there are common practices that those who are determined to bring about a wholly frictionless experience should put into use.

Here they are:

    • Transcreate: Rather than a word-by-word translation to the original content, By transcreating, you can keep the core meaning of the intended message intact as well as the natural flow of communication.
    • Use short phrases: A rule of thumb is that you have two lines of text on the screen. Longer than that you might risk losing the audience’s interest in the information. 
    • Follow the natural way of speaking: This is to support the frictionless experience for the audience you aim to get in the first place. 
    • Pay attention to punctuation: This task comes across as tricky for many as to balance the need to keep it short and effective. 
    • Make the text legible: There are tiny little details to keep your eyes on such as font dimensions, colours, and the likes because they can directly affect the quality of your audience’s experience watching your videos. 


Avoid Machine Translation for Subtitles

Hitting the right tone for your audience is one thing, providing the best-translated content of your video for those on a global scale is quite something else. Therefore, it is no brainer that you should have professional linguists at your side to ensure that your target audience has the best possible experience.

High quality comes at a price, so leave some space to consider the scope of your budget and project. Be it a professional translation agency or freelance translators, make sure you acquire the service of those that are well aware of your videos’ purpose. Surely you would never wish to strike the wrong note in your videos, which would end up costing you more in the long run. 


Choose a Budget-saving Company for Your Subtitling Services

To take your video marketing activity to the next level, Subtitling Services are the tool that you’d better include in your plan. With obvious benefits such as better reach and engagement, they will eventually generate amazing yet predictable results for your business.

Last but not least, make sure that you have the right choice when it comes to a translation agency to work with. Down below are a few notes to help you know where to start!

How about giving it a go with GTE Media to earn a better ROI on your video marketing? 

GTE Media is a branch of the fast-growing translation and localization agency – GTE Localize

Subtitling services

As the number of client requests for media localization increases considerably over the year, GTE Localize has decided to establish GTE Media – a branch that focuses on providing localization services and solutions for media products for Asian markets. You can learn more about our subtitling services here.

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