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Using Malay transcription services is an effective way to bring you accurate transcripts in the Malay languages for various purposes.

Audio Transcription Services

The Malay language has numerous dialects: Bahasa Malaysia, Sarawakian, Terengganuan, and Kelantanese to name a few. Due to the differences in the sound systems, vocabulary and locations of each dialect, it is highly recommended that you only let professional native Malay transcribers handle your Malay transcription projects.

GTE Media is a media localization agency based in Southeast Asia. With years of experience in the localization industry, we know how to find the best Malay transcribers at the most value-for-money rate for your projects. We guarantee to bring you best-in-class Malay transcription services for all Malay accents.


GTE Media provides 4 transcription services that serve different purposes.

1. Malay Full Transcription

We listen to your audio or video which is spoken in the Malay language, then write down exactly what we hear, even the utterances, and grammar mistakes.

No changes or corrections should be made during this process because this service is for interaction and discourse inspection purposes such as behavioural research or legal proceedings.

2. Malay Clean Transcription

Our transcribers review the full Malay transcript they have transcribed and remove self-corrected words, filler words from the transcript and correct grammar mistakes.

Malay Clean Transcription service is suitable for various purposes including education or speeches.

3. Malay Transcription with Timestamping

For this service, our transcribers not only turn spoken audio into written words but also insert the timestamps at the beginning of a sentence or paragraph.

Malay transcripts with timestamps are useful when you need to playback a specific part of an audio or video.

4. Malay Summary Transcription Services

We create a summarized version of your Malay audio for your specific purposes. The full transcript is shortened to the length of your choice (a short paragraph, a page, etc.) and make sure all the key points are included.

We recommend this service when you only need to understand the overview of a video, a conference, or education materials.


The Malay language is among the Asian languages that have the most regional dialects. The table below is the 10 main dialects widely used in Malaysia and Malay-speaking communities:

    • Bahasa Malaysia
    • Terengganuan
    • Sarawakian
    • Negeri Sembilan Malay
    • Bruneian
  • Kelantanese
  • Kedahan
  • Bajau
  • Banjar
  • Indonesian

Due to the differences in the Malay dialects, we assign your projects accordingly to the suitable native transcribers to make sure the final transcripts are of the greatest quality. If you are not sure which Malay dialect should be used for your project, simply send our team your file and we will give you a free consultancy.


Having a deep network of native Malay transcribers with a solid background in many domains, GTE Media is confident to provide you with the best Malay transcription services for the following content types:

    • Academic transcription
    • Conference transcription
    • Legal transcription
    • Medical transcription
    • Business transcription
    • Interview transcription
    • Phone call transcription
    • Market research transcription
    • Audio transcription
    • Foreign language transcription


Our team can work with a wide range of audio and video file formats. Some of the most popular formats we support are

    • AV1
    • CD
    • DVD
    • MP3
    • MPEG
    • Window Media Player
    • WAV
    • MOV


Step 1: Receive files and confirm details

After receiving the source audio/video file from you, our team carefully analyzes the file and read your requirements to come up with the best plan for your project. Once you confirm the rates and deadlines, we start working on the project immediately.

Step 2: Prepare to transcribe

Based on your requests, our VM team finds and assigns the task to the most suitable Malay transcribers. Before transcribing, the transcribers are required to research the given audio/video content carefully.

Step 3: Transcribe the files

The assigned Malay team listens to the file and type what they hear. Depending on the service you choose, they perform other steps such as cleaning the transcripts, adding timestamps, or summarizing the full transcripts.

Step 4: Edit the transcription

Our transcribers review the transcribed text in step 3 to detect and eliminate errors.

Step 5: Export and deliver the final product

We export the Malay transcripts into the format as requested and deliver the final product to you.


100% Native Malay Transcribers

To keep our promise to give you the best Malay transcription services in the market, we make sure that only experienced native Malay transcribers can work on your projects. They are required to have a minimum of 3 years of experience in transcribing to be qualified for any job.

Best Malay Transcription Rates

With extensive Malay localization experience and a network of native Malay transcribers, we know where to find the most suitable Malay resources for your projects, at a competitive rate.


Audience-centred Approach

Learning about your target audiences’ behaviour and preferences is the first thing we do before working on any project. By performing this extra step, we are confident that the localized final products convey accurate information and authentic emotions.


Regardless of the project volume, our team always tries our best to deliver the final products timely or ahead of the deadlines.



Tell us more about your project and receive a free consultancy and quote.




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