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Using Korean transcription services from an experienced transcription agency is the key to accurate and quality transcripts for your project. This is due to the complex nature of the Korean language and dialects.

Audio Transcription Services

Korean has 6 main dialects such as Northwestern Dialects, Jeju Dialect, Central Dialects, etc. These dialects differ in their morphology, phonology, and vocabulary and are spoken in specific regions. Thus, only qualified native Korean transcribers who understand the dialects should handle your Korean transcription project to guarantee accuracy.

With a deep network of native Korean transcribers with 3+ years of experience, GTE Media brings you quality Korean transcription services for various Korean dialects and types of content at a value-for-money rate.


GTE Media provides 4 transcription services for the Korean language to meet your diverse demands.

1. Korean Full Transcription

For full transcription services, our transcribers listen and write down exactly what they hear from the audio. No changes or edits regarding utterances (e.g. mm-hmm, um, and uh), self-corrected words, or grammar mistakes should be made.

Full scripts are mostly used for interaction and discourse inspection purposes such as behavioural research or legal proceedings.

2. Korean Clean Transcription

A clear and easy-to-read script is the aim of the Korean clean transcription service. Our transcribers remove self-corrected words and filler words as well as correct grammar mistakes that speakers made.

This service is suitable for various purposes such as education or speeches.

3. Korean Transcription with Timestamping

Besides writing down spoken words in your Korean audio, our transcribers also include the timestamps of each dialogue, sentence, or paragraph.

Including timestamps in your scripts is useful when you need to playback a specific part of an audio or video.

4. Korean Summary Transcription Services

We create a short and well-structured summarized version of your Korean audio for your specific purposes out of the full transcript. The script should include key points of the audio content and be at the length of your choice.

We recommend the Korean summary transcription service when you only need to understand the overview of a video, a conference, or education materials.


The Korean language has 6 main dialects. Although these dialects can be mutually intelligible, they still have some considerable differences in morphology, phonology, and vocabulary.

Korean Dialects Locations
The Northwestern Dialects
  • Pyongyang, Chagang Province, Pyongan Province, and neighbouring Liaoning of China
The Northeastern Dialects
  • Northeast corner of Pyongan Province, the Ryanggang Province, and Hamgyong Province.
The Central Dialects
  • Gyeonggi dialect is spoken in the Gyeonggi Province, Seoul and Incheon cities
  • Chungcheong dialects are spoken in the Chungcheong Province
  • Yeongseo dialects are spoken in Yeongseo, Gangwon Province
  • Yeongdong dialects are spoken in Yeongdong, Gangwon Province
The Southwestern Dialects
  • Jeolla Province (Honam) region including the city of Gwangju
The Southeastern Dialects
  • Gyeongsang Province (Yeongnam) including the cities of Busan, Daegu and Ulsan
Jeju Dialect
  • Jeju Island

The differences among these dialects mean that not every native transcriber can handle your project well. You should only work with transcribers who are familiar with the dialects used in the source files to avoid serious mistakes that lead to misunderstandings.


Besides being professional and native Korean, our transcribers also have a solid background in specific domains to bring you quality transcripts in a wide range of content types:

    • Academic transcription
    • Conference transcription
    • Legal transcription
    • Medical transcription
    • Business transcription
    • Interview transcription
    • Phone call transcription
    • Market research transcription
    • Audio transcription
    • Foreign language transcription


Below is the list of popular audio and video files that we can support and regularly work with:

    • AV1
    • CD
    • DVD
    • MP3
    • MPEG
    • Window Media Player
    • WAV
    • MOV


Step 1: Receive files and confirm details

Once we receive the source audio or video from you, our team analyzes the files thoroughly to recommend a suitable service for you as well as giving you a quotation. If you agree with the proposed rates and deadlines, our team proceeds with the next step.

Step 2: Prepare to transcribe

A team of transcribers that we find suitable for your project is chosen from our pool of native Korean transcribers. Before starting working, they are required to do research on the audio/video content to understand better the project.

Step 3: Transcribe the files

Our experienced Korean transcribers listen to the files, type what they hear, insert the timestamps or summarize the full transcript depending on the service you choose.

Step 4: Edit the transcription

The transcript is later reviewed by an editor to eliminate any errors, giving you an error-free transcript.

Step 5: Export and deliver the final product

The error-free transcript is exported into the file format you requested and delivered to you.


100% Native Korean Transcribers

Besides having a solid background in a specific domain, our Korean transcribers are also required to have at least three years of experience in working as professional transcribers in order to be qualified for any Korean transcription project.

Best Korean Transcription Rates

With extensive Korean localization knowledge and experience, GTE Media knows exactly where to find the most suitable Korean transcribers for your project, at a value-for-money rate.


Audience-centred Approach

Before working on any project, the team in charge is required to study carefully your target audiences to understand their behaviour and language preferences to make sure the final products are to their likings.


Regardless of the project size, our team works in an urgent and serious manner to bring you the best Japanese transcripts within the deadlines we promise.


Tell us more about your Korean transcription project and get a free quote.




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