Posted by Anne Quach on February 26, 2021.

The demand for Korean dubbing services has grown significantly as more and more companies prefer to reach more Korean audiences through audiovisual products.

Dubbing Services

First, Korean audiences are inclined to brands or products that are available in their native language over those in foreign languages. Therefore, having audiovisual products aired via television, online marketing videos, radio, or new media productions dubbed into Korean helps your brand reach a huge number of Korean-speaking audiences.

Second, Korean is a difficult language with 6 main dialects. Therefore, letting the professional native Korean voice artist handle your dubbing projects is the best way to guarantee your dubbed videos accuracy.

GTE Media brings you best-in-class Korean dubbing services from our team of experienced native voice artists from Korea.


GTE Media offers comprehensive Korean dubbing services to meet your diverse demands for media localization:

Korean Voice-Over Services

For Korean voice-over projects, our team adds new voices in Korean into the source video while fading down the original voices (usually down to 20%). Voice talents focus on the accuracy of dialogues rather than tonality and emotions in such projects.

Korean Voice Replacement Services

In Korean replacement projects, the original voices are completely removed and replaced by the new voices in Korean. The voice artists should convey the tonality and emotions of the source video to the localized one.

Korean Lip-Sync Services

By creating a brand new script for your video in Korean to fit the lip movements of the characters, our team makes sure your dubbed videos give viewers an authentic and immersive watching experience. This service best suits videos for small children or those who cannot or don’t like reading subtitles.

Korean Script Adaption

Our Korean linguists change and adapt your video script to make sure it works well with the video’s length, structures, speakers’ lip movements, and the culture of your target country.


Korean Video-Audio Mixing Services

We put multiple sound elements together and adjust the volume levels, sound effects, and atmosphere, giving you the best sound quality for your video.


Korean Dubbing Quality Control Services

Your dubbed video is reviewed by our linguists and technical team to detect and correct any errors (such as mispronunciation, poor audio quality, and unfiltered background noises). This is an important step to make sure your final media products are error-free.


The Korean language has 6 main dialects used in different regional areas as follows:

Korean Dialects Locations
The Northwestern Dialects
  • Pyongan Province, Pyongyang, Chagang Province, and neighbouring Liaoning of China
The Northeastern Dialects
  • Northeast corner of Pyongan Province, Hamgyong Province, and the Ryanggang Province
The Central Dialects
  • Gyeonggi dialect is spoken in Seoul, the Gyeonggi Province, and Incheon cities
  • Chungcheong dialects are spoken in the Chungcheong Province
  • Yeongseo dialects are spoken in Gangwon, Yeongseo Province
The Southwestern Dialects
  • Jeolla Province (Honam) region including the city of Gwangju
The Southeastern Dialects
  • Gyeongsang Province (Yeongnam) including the cities of Daegu, Busan, and Ulsan
Jeju Dialect
  • Jeju Island

Despite being mutually intelligible, dialects in Korean have numerous considerable differences in phonology, morphology, and vocabulary. The locations they are widely used are also of difference. Therefore, to make your media products more attractive and relatable, you should pay attention to choose the dialect that your target audiences are familiar with.


Our network of Korean voice talents has years of experience in handling a wide range of video content, including:

    • Film and TV Shows
    • Animation
    • Corporate Videos
    • e-Learning Videos
    • Webinars
    • Broadcast media
    • Games
    • Broadcast
    • Commercials
    • Documentaries
    • Online Training Courses
    • Marketing videos


Experienced Native Korean Voice Artists

We work with a network of experienced native Korean voice talents who have a minimum of 3 years of experience in voicing and dubbing. Our team will breathe new life into your videos through their powerful voices and excellent technique.

Best Korean Dubbing Rate

With extensive regional knowledge and a deep Korean voice talent network, we know where to find the most suitable Korean resources for your projects, at a competitive rate.


Modern Studio

At GTE Media, our team record all Korean dubbing projects at our finest dubbing studio that has the most advanced equipment to give you the best quality of sound.


Whether your projects are small or big, our team always try our best to deliver them timely or ahead of the deadlines. Because we understand the importance of getting your media products published on schedule.


Simply send us your request and we will give you a free consultancy and a quote.




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