The Difference Between Indonesian Transcription And Translation

Posted by Gummy Tran on April 28, 2022.

The difference between Indonesian transcription and translation in the language is fascinating to discuss in this article. 

Indonesia is attracting more and more international companies who come to pour investment, as the country is one of the most important digital markets in Southeast Asia, with growth rates that are on par with China. That makes the demand for Indonesian transcription and translation increase to smooth out the penetration of foreign businesses into this country.

Let’s jump straight into the difference between Indonesian transcription and translation.

Indonesian Transcription Vs. Indonesian Translation 


Although both transcription and translation involve working with language, the two tasks are completely different.

#1. Transcription services

Transcription in linguistics refers to the process of converting spoken words into written words. After listening to an audio file or video, the transcriber types the content into a document.

Anything that is spoken may be transcribed. The topic might be anything from celebrity gossip to astrophysics. The task stays the same, regardless of the type of the content: to take the spoken words into written format.


A transcription example in Indonesian

#2. Translation services

In simple terms, translation involves converting one language into another. A translator converts a written document from its original language to its target language.

As like transcription, the content of the translation could relate to anything. A translator could be tasked with converting a set of financial accounts from English to Indonesian or translating a marketing brochure from Indonesian to German. Aside from translating written documents, translators can also work with video and audio files. A translator could be asked to translate Indonesian audio to English, for example. 

However, the job of translators is not simply a language converter. Translators need to understand the goal of the document being translated, who its target audience is, and how that audience is likely to respond to the translation. They may also need to undertake localization work which involves changing measurement or date formats or making significant changes to a document in close collaboration with the client. The localization step is crucial to ensure the content would be better suited to the intended audience. 


An Indonesian topic and its translation


What Is the Difference Between Indonesian Transcription and Translation?


While transcription is taking spoken words and writing them down, translation is converting them from one language to another. 

However, it may cause confusion when transcription becomes a part of the translation process. For example, a client needs a Spanish video translated into Indonesian. The task will likely be considered a translation job, but the client will first need a Spanish transcriber – because they will need a written copy of the content for the translator to work on when they translate Spanish audio into Indonesian text.

This is why translators who work with audio and video files may also perform transcription work. The difference between Indonesian transcription and translation isn’t always clear. Instead, the same individual ends up working on both tasks, and that makes it difficult for clients to distinguish between transcription and translation because the talented linguists they use are providing both tasks simultaneously.


Why Are Transcription and Translation Important?

Businesses may benefit from transcription in a variety of ways. It may be quicker for a busy CEO to dictate letters rather than type them, then have her secretary transcribe and print them for her to sign. Written transcripts of significant meetings or phone calls may be required by a company going through a merger. Or in the television business, all films, series, documentaries, news broadcasts, adverts, and other programs require subtitles based on the spoken content.

Many commercial enterprises, as well as medical companies, law firms, and other businesses, rely heavily on translation. We live in a globalized world where cross-border communication is critical, and to get access to the Indonesians, you have to convert all information into the language that they can fully grasp.


To Wrap Up

The difference between Indonesian transcription and translation is not too complex. To have excellent transcription and translation in Indonesia, which is an important part of your penetration into the Indonesian market, you have to rely on a trusted media localization provider that has a wide pool of native linguists all around the world.

If you are looking for such a professional media translation and localization company, look no further than GTE Media. We have an in-depth understanding of the Indonesian people, culture, and market. We guarantee to bring you Indonesian transcription and translation services that are well worth your money. 

Transcription services-banner

The following are some of the values that are included in our services: 

  • Native Indonesian transcriber and translators with over 5 years of experience; 
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If you want to know more about our Indonesian transcription and translation services or to request a free consultation with our specialists, please contact our team.

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