How to Translate Your Videos into New Languages?

Posted by Anne Quach on December 31, 2021.

Globalization together with media development is changing the ways people consume information. Social media video content becomes one of the most consumed types of content nowadays. In this current audiovisual content trend, people do ask for watching videos with subtitles or they even may take this kind of translation for granted. Therefore, subtitles are regarded as a significant factor to bring about the success of a project using video content. 

In this post, let’s take a look at the benefits of using subtitling services to translate your videos into new languages and how to create high-quality subtitles for your videos. 

Why Are Subtitles Important for Your Videos? 

To begin with, we had better know the reasons that subtitles become essential when it comes to video content. 

#1. Reach More International Audiences

It is a fact that half of the social media users in the world are from non-English speaking countries. With approximately 777 million users, Asia-Pacific ranks first place in the list of top areas with the largest social network audience. Statista’s report also indicates that solo China has even more social network users than the combined total number of North America and Western Europe.Social-media-usage-vs-total-population_Subtitles_Subtitling Services

Social media users by area

That is to say, the potential for approaching intercontinental markets is enormous and hopeful as long as you can take advantage of multilingual translated videos on social media sites and platforms. The more content is translated into new languages, the more needful understanding is given to target audiences.


#2. Reach Audiences Anywhere and Enhance Viewer Experience

Due to some specific browser settings or manufacturers, videos on social media can be muted by default. Additionally, the use of video in some sound-sensitive places such as silent hospitals, noisy subways, etc, can be restricted as an obligation. As a result, these limits of sound effects can lead to some negative experiences and even working interruption for the users.

However, people are able to solve all the inconvenient and unexpected problems related to video with no sound thanks to subtitles, which enables users to get to the information in the form of words. It is clear that the accessibility from everywhere and every time can still gain the best with the use of subtitles.


#3. Give a Boost to Your SEO

When adding subtitles, your video can rank higher on Google thanks to the engine’s algorithm. To put it simply, Google and other search engines can’t view videos so they get information from the text using subtitles. This action is defined as “indexing subtitle” and it enhances keyword depth, which increases your video’s appearance in Google tools. 

Subtitles Help Boost SEO

Subtitles help to boost SEO ranking on search’s engines


#4. Accommodate People with Disabilities

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, over 5% of the world’s population, which is equivalent to about 430 million people, are suffering from hearing impairments and hearing loss. This number is estimated to double by the year 2050. 

The fact that the majority of these hearing-impaired people are living in developing countries with middle or low income, narrows the possibility of access to hearing-impaired aids and other kinds of exclusive assistance.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Audiences

People with disabilities can understand video content thanks to subtitles 

To deal with this problem, subtitles offer a good, cheap and available tool for people with disabilities. As a matter of fact, people would give great pleasure to such a beneficial service. 


How To Create Subtitles For Your Videos?

For all of these aforementioned advantages, it is time to embark on bringing your subtitles into being.

 In fact, there may be so many ways to set up subtitles for video but we would like to mention the two most popular and practical ones that everyone can come up with. Besides, their strengths and weaknesses are indispensable aspects that need consideration.

#1. DIY Translations

The easiest way to create subtitles is using free subtitle software and tools. With the diverse features and detailed instructions, these subtitler-making tools can function as helpful and free of charge assistance for those who want to DIY their own translations. Some popular online and free tools are, or Youtube translation tools. People can easily make subtitles with these tools and only a smartphone or laptop.

However, there are some disadvantages of this way such as the quality of subtitles and the requirement of payment for some special features and functions. As you don’t have professional skills and knowledge in doing this kind of task, your final results may commit mistakes and even more, be unable to use. Besides, as your subtitles and content are shared freely on the internet, no one can make sure of the credit and security for your ideas. Therefore, this way may only be used for short videos with a low budget.


#2. Hire Professional Subtitling Services

Another solution that can solve all the challenges of DIY translations is working with professionals who have been trained and proven qualified by their previous high-quality subtitling projects. In other words, professional teams are always made up of a linguistic team – people who are in charge of translation – and a technical team – that deals with subtitles. Everyone has their own roles and coordinates with each other to make the best subtitling services in the scheduled time. As a result, professionals accomplish even big projects with even a lot of long videos and sophisticated languages.    

When cooperating with a subtitling expert, there is no need to worry about the quality of service as well as secure the copyright of your ideas. Although the rate for this kind of service is higher than a DIY one, you can still reach an affordable price as long as you know how to find a suitable service’s supplier. 

Those are exactly what you can obtain if you use GTE Media’s Subtitling Services. Our quality’s commitment has been long confirmed via the good feedback of previous clients and partners. Not only do GTE Media have a skilled and specialized team, but we also focus on controlled working processes, which firmly ensures the best value contributing to your company’s success. 

Subtitling services

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