How To Start Your Career In Subtitling Services?

Posted by Anne Quach on February 07, 2022.

The necessity for individuals to comprehend each other in terms of language has expanded dramatically with the emergence of globalization. As a result, the formation of employment in the media and entertainment sectors has flourished, and subtitling services are becoming an ideal job that is receiving huge attention nowadays. 

This article will introduce the best way to start a career as a subtitling services provider or a subtitler who can utilize technology innovation to break down human communication obstacles.

1. Why Is Being A Subtitler An Attractive Career?

A subtitler is someone who translates subtitles from one format to another, from film or audio to written words is the transition. It might also be a translation of subtitles from one language to another. 

There are various benefits when becoming a subtitler, and it is a really interesting profession to accomplish.

Flexible Working Schedule

Subtitling services are the areas where people who wish to work freely or love functioning autonomously can find plenty of chances. Working as a freelancer or for an organization allows you to build a solid professional career that is not dependent on coworkers or the whims of the employment market. Because of the global nature of the work, the subtitlers must build relationships and links all over the world to turn their vocation into a fully-fledged business.

Good Income

In the United States, the national average pay for a subtitler is $52,522, according to Glassdoor.

International corporations today engage expert subtitlers and pay them significant sums to assist them in communicating with individuals of other languages and cultures, as well as acting as a medium for deciphering various languages. As a result, subtitlers do not need to be concerned about money because they may earn a nice living by working for businesses.

Moreover, a subtitler has a lot of expertise in dealing with overseas clients while working. So freelance subtitlers can also earn a decent living.

Opportunities To Learn New Things

Because of the vast range of interactions with people from various origins and cultures, people who provide subtitling services may maintain themselves one step ahead of the competition in terms of learning new things.

Since each language and culture comes from a distinct place, as a subtitler, you’ll be a person who lives on the edge of several worlds. That will bring you in contact with individuals from all over the world, allowing you to learn about various cultures, eat new delicacies, and experience cultural subtleties that those who just travel to other places do not necessarily understand. To put it another way, you’ll be a cultural ambassador.


2. What Skills Do You Need To Become A Subtitler?

Language Proficiency

One of the most important abilities for a good subtitler is linguistic proficiency. You must be fluent in many languages and have a thorough understanding of grammar and dialects. Before deciding on this as a professional path, you must see whether you can accomplish it on your own. 

A good subtitler understands their own language well enough to break the lines in a way that fits with it and makes it as simple as possible for the audience to follow the subtitles. The person viewing the production will miss the following scene if a faulty line break or imprecise translation puzzles them for even a second. A skilled subtitler is aware of this.

Cultural Understanding

Subtitling services must creatively localize jokes and cultural allusions, ensuring that the audience will enjoy the film/series just as much while reading the subtitles. It’s not the best target if the choice is to stick to a word-by-word translation technique.

Attentive To Detail

There are other constraints that a subtitle translator must consider, such as space and time. The most crucial consideration when providing subtitling services is how to prioritize the message and how to trim and add material so that it can resonate with the soundtrack if one exists. They should also keep in mind that viewers are not required to read the subtitles in a hurry. Subtitle translators who learn the technique of creative synthesis will be able to acquire this expertise. It will assist subtitle translators in staying faithful to the original voice, manner of speech, and text idiosyncrasies.

Cinema Perception

A skilled subtitler understands that, like shot changes, cinematography, editing, and sound mixing have an impact on the spot. A basic grasp of these is required to recognize whether to in-cue or out-cue when there is a pan or focus pull, a sudden sound effect, or when editing is quick or sluggish.

Moreover, intersemiotic translation is a media and sign system translation. In videos, some facial expressions, and gestures, for example, might lend significance to the content. Subtitle translators should be able to use both visual and verbal cues, such as gestures, to enhance the discourse. They can accomplish both by listening to spoken communications, hearing sounds, and seeing visuals, then converting the message into written form. As a result, the intersemiotic translation should be a strong suit for subtitle translators.


3. What Tools Do You Need To Become A Subtitling Services Provider?

The best subtitle services not only need skilled subtitles, but also the help of excellent subtitling software. They can modify the size, colour, and font of your translated words, increase the intelligibility of the appearance and loading. Therefore, subtitlers need to know how to use some of the popular tools below.

Aegisub – For professionals

Aegisub offers subtitling services for Windows, Mac OS X, and UNIX platforms. The software includes audio waveform viewers, making it much easier to get the timing of your subtitles files just so. There’s also a real-time preview to make sure everything appears right. This free program allows you to customize and change subtitles in a variety of ways.

aegisub subtitling services provider

Clideo – For beginners

As an online video editing program, Clideo has gotten a subtitling service improvement. You must first transfer a video clip from cloud storage or your computer, or just enter a YouTube or Instagram link into the box, before you can begin processing it. After that, you must either upload or manually input your subtitle file, after which you will be able to edit your captions.

clideo subtitling services provider

To know more about other software and diverse features, check out the Top 10 subtitle tools for freelance subtitling services.


4. Become A Subtitler At GTE Media 

As video material becomes more popular on the Internet, the demand for subtitling services is skyrocketing. So if you want to be a freelance video subtitler, email us your CV without hesitation to quickly join the professional team of GTE.

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