How to Secure Your Transcription Services?

Posted by Ariel Duong on May 14, 2022.

When applying transcription services, your first concern will be the accuracy and speed of the production, as well as the cost. However, in order to safeguard you, your clients, and participants, security has taken precedence.

Business transcripts frequently contain sensitive information, confidential or personal content, which you must protect. Whether you’re holding a commercially sensitive focus group or a sensitive HR meeting, the transcribing service’s security should be a top consideration.

Today’s blog post will introduce five essential notes to keep your transcription safe.

1. Content Exposure Should Be Kept Minimum

Insider attacks are the most common cause of severe company data breaches in transcription services security. Approximately 88% of massive data breach instances are originated by workers, regardless of whether the individual acts intentionally or accidentally.

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As a result, businesses should establish security awareness requirements for employees or construct numerous security methods (such as two-factor authentication). By controlling access privileges and accurately assigning data to recipients, businesses can prevent major information security issues.

Furthermore, your content translations should be limited to the translators who work for you rather than being available to tens of thousands of freelancers worldwide. Using active translators increases transition safety and cuts down on wasted time.

There are certain remedies that may be useful to reduce the following risks:

  • Create security awareness training programs for employees;
  • Obtain regular risk assessments from IT professionals to ensure that computer networks are secure;
  • Consider utilizing USB and other storage devices when sharing files with third parties;
  • Assess employee adherence to established criteria;
  • Build data monitoring software.


2. Transcription Services with The Aid of Technology

As transcription technology has progressed over time, it can now do speech recognition and rapid text conversion. While technical work is still required, effective transcription software can assist in keeping data as secure as possible, significantly as it reduces the risk of human error.

One of the advantages of transcription services with information security technology is that it allows you to encrypt data while maintaining control over your own media.

Because your content only leaves the platform when you download it using your secure link, using the platform for the whole end-to-end procedure can lower the risk. However, subscription rights to download content from document storage software like Word or Google Docs should be restricted since it is difficult to regulate.

Furthermore, machine productivity during text conversion is greater, allowing for rapid production volume. Low-quality recordings and quick speech remain obstacles, but they do not overshadow transcription technology’s primary benefit: processing speed.


3. Have Online Payment In a Safe Manner

Electronic money transfer fraud can occur when a third party hacks into a company’s email account and guesses the correct answer to a security question. Sending links or attachments to your material via email is a popular method.

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Therefore, ensuring safe payment will not obstruct information confidentiality when executing transcription services. Other exceptions exist; if the information within the firm is too sensitive or confidential, then employing internally stored software would be in compliance with rigorous standards.

While no payment or collection system is entirely protected, there are some safeguards in place to protect electronic transfers, including:

  • Data encryption with many layers in case it is stolen or exploited by other parties;
  • Request answers to security questions and a unique code;
  • Verify your identity if you’re logged out after a certain amount of time.


4. Official Security and Operational Credentials

For companies who are serious about adequately implementing safety practices based on established standards, obtaining Certified Security proof is a great endeavor. Currently, internal ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certifications are independent third-party seals of approval that the company is functioning in accordance with internationally agreed-upon standards. So, certifications are necessary for organizations to demonstrate that they take security seriously and have invested in their transcription services systems and processes. 

Implementing an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Quality Management System does not imply building a complex and challenging set of management procedures. Management processes used throughout your organization will create a firm foundation for excellent production and profitability. This will help you gain more benefits and keep customers.


5. Location for Data Storage and Processing

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Different locations are impacted by data privacy laws and regulations. For example, under Massachusetts state law, personal information regarding Commonwealth citizens is subject to the state’s data breach reporting requirement, regardless of the data holder’s ties to the state or the data’s actual location.

That means you must be familiar with the legislation of the jurisdiction in which the transcribing company is located, as well as the jurisdiction in which the data is maintained. If you’ve agreed with the customer that the data will stay in a specific country, you don’t want it to be unintentionally stored on servers abroad!

The jurisdiction of the government over data surveillance/interception is an essential subject to consider. It is critical for businesses to understand the rules, and how the government can enforce them, and not be misled by rumors or popular reports.

You can guarantee that you know what regulations your data will be subject to and that you are also complying with any contractual duties you have by obtaining the information below:

  • How long will your content be kept?
  • Where will the data be preserved?
  • Who will be granted access?
  • What is the procedure and timetable for permanent removal?


6. Control Who Would Transcribe Your Audio

In the transcription services industry, using foreign workers is not uncommon. Many businesses use teleworkers from all around the world to provide transcription services. When working with a transcribing company or a freelancer, though, you must understand how to manage the data. 

Compliance responsibilities

Of course, it’s infuriating when your security processes are disrupted by third parties that purposefully fail to meet your standards. You must guarantee that no third parties have an influence over you, especially if you are the data custodian on behalf of your customers.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

NDA is a legally binding agreement that prohibits a service provider from discussing, disclosing, or sharing your personal information. This includes any audio/video data or recordings in their possession or stored on their servers. You have the right to impose sanctions or file a lawsuit if the transcription service provider violates the contract. The most trustworthy transcription services will issue NDAs upon request and make it apparent that they are available on their website or by contacting them. And, what’s more, NDA can be used internally within the organization.

Ethical responsibilities

If data security is a top priority, hiring overseas participants should be avoided. Because of low recruiting standards and work practices. It has the capacity to make ethical mistakes and degrade the service you receive. There have been instances in the past of youngsters being employed as network transfer workers.


In Short

Finally, once you’ve satisfied the six elements of secure transcription listed above, you can begin selecting transcriptionists who place a high value on data security. Choose secure transcription services wisely to ensure that your content is not compromised by third parties.

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