How To Find Good Medical Transcription Services?

Posted by Anne Quach on February 16, 2022.

During these recent years, medical transcription services play an important role in not only administration but also in research areas of the medical field. In other words, this kind of service contributes considerably to the development of the medical and healthcare system, especially in the age of global connection and interdisciplinary promotions. 

Therefore, it’s understandable that the need for transcription services in the medical field has been on the rise over the last few years. Regarding this topic, GTE Media has provided some previous articles about the reasons that make medical transcription services become so important. In accordance with those articles, today’s topic is about the way to find a good medical transcription services provider. 


6 Factors to Consider When Hiring Medical Transcription Services

To begin with, it’s indispensable to look into some factors to consider when hiring medical transcription services. 

First and foremost, the type of transcription services is the main key to deciding on your transcribing projects. 

Although there are a lot of criteria to classify transcription, GTE Media would like to display them in 4 types according to different purposes of using, including full transcription, clean transcription, summary transcription and timestamping transcription. To better know about these 4 types of transcription and find the best that suits your requirement, you can gain further definition and knowledge through the article about transcription services given by GTE Media.


In the second place, the rate of medical transcription services is a point that needs to be taken into consideration. 

Normally, outsourced medical transcription providers may have a dissimilar list of charges to send to their customers. The cost can be calculated per minute of audio, per line of note, per page of a document or by any other billing methods. When hiring providers, you need to make clear the ways that projects will be costed and then have the comparison amongst others from various agencies. In this way, you not only have references for several choices but also make preparation for a backup plan of future projects with higher or lower budgets. Although the prices may not be in big gaps, the better price you can take, the more benefits you get since medical is a difficult field with high-paying remuneration and there are many other factors affecting the cost of medical transcription such as turnaround time, project’s size, etc.

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Thirdly, the time of delivering final work is another decisive factor in choosing a good medical transcription provider. 

In general, time is gold, particularly the time in the medical field is even more precious than this yellow material because unexpected circumstances and the high level of urgency are the typical particularity of the field. With such an intensity of workload, the high cost of medical transcription services is an unavoidable fact. Therefore, in order to cut down on costs incurred, you need to draw up a specific and fixed turnaround time for the final medical transcription. In this way, the medical transcription provider can avoid any conflicts in their schedule and concentrate to meet up your deadline.      


Fourthly, there is a need to know clearly the transcription process of the provider as this is a factor that can have a strong influence on the turnaround time.

While some transcriptionists spend one more last stage to double-check errors, others may have everything done perfectly from the first try. That is to say, the transcription process is different from the experience and proficiency of providers as well as the scale of the transcription company. 


Fifthly, quality control – in which the provider will be in charge of ensuring not only the best but also the most satisfying work to clients – can also be regarded as a stage in the transcription process.

However, this may take longer to finish the project and even cause some kinds of delay, postponement or redoing. Therefore, you need to take the best advantage of the quality control stage by discussing with the provider before coming to the final decision. 

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And last but not least, confidentiality is one of the most fundamental factors to be taken into serious consideration.

As claimed by HIPAA, healthcare service providers and others related to the medical field must comply with requirements in guaranteeing the client’s information security. This is also one of the main commitments in maintaining patient’s confidentiality, which is signed by the service provider in a non-disclosure agreement or NDA


Where To Find The Best Medical Transcription Services?

In fact, the development of social networks makes it easier to search for a large number of medical transcription services providers. However, there are two main popular ways that you can make the best use of them to find a suitable provider. 

The first way is to look for freelance medical transcriptionists on some networks of freelancers such as  Fiverr, Freelancers, Upwork, Linked, etc. Although providing a variety of choices and having the access to provider’s profiles just through a click in a second, this way cannot classify the provider with good quality and suitable skill for projects. Therefore, as quick as it sounds, seeking freelance medical transcriptionists even takes more time and energy to choose a good medical transcription provider. 

Unlike that, the second way that can deal with all of the mentioned cons is hiring a professional medical transcription agency. As being made up of proficient transcriptionists, the agency is an expert in providing this kind of service. Thanks to the specialized and professional transcription procedures in the medical field, medical transcription agencies can gain great advantages over a freelancer with available and high-quality services. Although the price may be a bit higher than that of freelance providers, it is not the cons but something commensurate with the benefits brought about when using the professionals. That is to say, the medical transcription provided by a professional agency is quick, accurate and affordable. 

If you are in the way of looking for medical transcription services with such a lot of good points, GTE Media is the answer to all of your questions. Contact us for a free consultancy with our media localization experts!

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