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Although English is an international language that billions of people speak daily, you cannot assume any people who can understand the language can transcribe an English file. The use of English transcription services from an experienced transcription agency is highly recommended.

Audio Transcription Services

With about 1.27 billion speakers around the world, it is estimated that English has 160 dialects and a large array of different accents within primarily English speaking countries (such as the US, UK, Australia, and Canada) as well as foreign English accents. These accents and dialects are different from each other to some extent in terms of their pronunciation and vocabulary. Therefore, your project should only be in the good hands of native English transcribers who are familiar with the accents.

At GTE Media, we bring comprehensive English transcription services for various English dialects and content types from best-in-class native English transcribers in the world.


At GTE Localize, we offer four English transcription services that serve distinctive purposes

1. English Full Transcription

English full transcripts serve interaction and discourse inspection purposes such as behavioural research or legal proceedings. Thus, elements such as utterances (e.g. um, mm-hmm, and uh), filler words or grammar mistakes should not be changed or edited.

Interviewer: First, I want to ask you some questions about yourself…How many hours do spend playing computer games?
Interviewee: [Laugh]…um…I guess…um…it’s not too much. I think I play games for like…2…or…maybe 3 hours a day.

2. English Clean Transcription

Elements that do not affect the meanings of the content such as filler words, self-corrected words, and grammar mistakes will be removed or corrected. The final outcome is a clear and easy-to-read script.

English clean transcription services are used for numerous purposes such as education or speeches.

Interviewer: First, I want to ask you some questions about yourself. How many hours do spend playing computer games?
Interviewee: [Laugh] I guess it’s not too much. I think I play games for 2-3 hours a day.

3. English Transcription with Timestamping

The timestamp for each dialogue, sentence, and paragraph is added alongside the written version of the audio. The timestamps help you save time when playing back a specific part of an audio or video or later using the script for doing captioning.

For example:

[02:13] Interviewer: First, I want to ask you some questions about yourself. How many hours do spend playing computer games?
[02:51] Interviewee: [Laugh] I guess it’s not too much. I think I play games for 2-3 hours a day.

4. English Summary Transcription Services

Our transcribers read the full scripts and pick out some key points to make a shorter and well-structured summary. The summary length is of your choice.

English summarized transcript is useful when you need to understand the overview of a video, a conference, or education materials.


The English language has a huge number of dialects in different countries:

Locations Number of Dialects
The UK 29 different ones (not including dialects from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Man, or the Channel Islands)
The US 27 distinct dialects
Ireland 13 distinct dialects
Australia 9 distinct dialects
India 14 distinct dialects

Due to the differences in the English dialects, GTE Media’s team only assign the task to transcribers who are familiar with and have experience in handling similar projects to work on your project.


Our native English transcribers who are also experts in their domains can handle a wide range of types of content, including

    • Academic transcription
    • Conference transcription
    • Legal transcription
    • Medical transcription
    • Business transcription
    • Interview transcription
    • Phone call transcription
    • Market research transcription
    • Audio transcription
    • Foreign language transcription


We can support various audio and video file formats, including:

    • AV1
    • CD
    • DVD
    • MP3
    • MPEG
    • Window Media Player
    • WAV
    • MOV


Step 1: Receive files and confirm details

Upon receiving the source video/audio from you, our team checks the file content, format, and requirements to confirm the rates and deadlines. Once you sign the quotation, we proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Prepare to transcribe

Based on your requirements, we choose the most suitable English transcribers out of our network to work on the project. Before starting, the transcribers are required to do research on the given file and related information.

Step 3: Transcribe the files

Our experienced English transcribers listen to the files, type what they hear, insert timestamps or create a summary for the full script following your choice of services.

Step 4: Edit the transcription

Another transcriber is assigned to review the whole transcript to find and eliminate any errors.

Step 5: Export and deliver the final product

The final script is then exported into the requested format and delivered to you within the agreed deadlines.


100% Native English Transcribers

Our English transcribers are required to be native English speakers and have at least 3 years of work experience as professional transcribers to be qualified for any projects.

Best English Transcription Rates

With extensive English localization experience and knowledge, GTE Media has a deep native English transcriber network that provides you with the most suitable English resources at a value-for-money rate.

Audience-centred Approach

We study closely your target audiences before working on any project. This is to guarantee the languages used in the final products are to your audiences’ liking and preferences.


Regardless of small or large projects, our team always works in an urgent and serious manner to deliver the final products to you on time or ahead of the deadlines.


Tell us about your English transcription project and receive a free consultancy.




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