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Posted by Ariel Duong on September 26, 2022.

Video is fast replacing other e-learning formats as the norm. And subtitling services might be the essential part when preparing effective e-learning materials. The reason is despite the fact that English is an official language across the world, many individuals. still prefer using their local tongue while studying and communicating.

In this article, GTE Media will introduce what e-learning materials should be localized and tips to widen the accessibility of your education video with subtitling services.

What Are E-learning Videos?

Videos offer a multimedia learning experience unlike any other e-learning medium since they may integrate camera footage, animation, graphics, text, and voice. This is why it comes as no surprise that video-based learning is swiftly taking over as the industry standard for online instruction. 

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Several e-learning courses might take a variety of shapes in this setting. These training sessions help participants get new or updated knowledge of how various divisions within a company operate. These training programs, which are intended for both novice and expert learners, might take the shape of academic classes, refresher courses, or instructions on how to use new technology.

Therefore, the goal of training is achieved when such important training courses are provided to the learners in their preferred language to suit their convenience and cultural subtleties.


What Types Of E-Learning Materials Should Be Localized With Subtitling Services?

Since many individuals can no longer meet in person, virtual training is currently the most practical and pandemic-proof option. The e-learning method has already experienced remarkable growth and it is quite probable that this sector will continue to grow in importance.

Here are 5 categories of e-learning resources that require subtitling services when being localized.

Resources for Company Employees

Your e-learning content may be translated to bring together workforces dispersed around the globe or even diverse language speakers inside your own country, whether you’re implementing new processes and procedures in a corporate context or creating product and service training.

Materials for Academic Students

Class video localization with subtitling services allows expanding the reach of worldwide students when they approach the educational institutions’ curricula.

Compliance Training Data 

Many firms are required to follow rules, laws, and regulations. Companies that provide compliance training, compliance experts, business associations, and governmental organizations frequently localize compliance training videos for language speakers.

Technology Training 

Technology businesses frequently enter worldwide markets, necessitating the localization of their software, hardware, and training materials in multiple languages.

Reseller Education

You may reach business goals, such as higher sales, by giving your business partners, such as resellers, the proper tools to improve their network participation. Localizing your e-learning training resources with subtitling services will provide your network with the skills and information they need to accomplish business objectives.


Tips To Improve The Access of Your E-Learning Videos With Subtitling Services

#1. Design Your Multimedia Simple

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Your lectures ought to center on both the speaker and the information presented, then, it is advisable to avoid using animated backgrounds and dazzling backdrops that don’t further the lesson. Also, it may be expensive and difficult to redesign visuals and movies if they do not bring any good results. 

The most costly elements in the localization process, such as audio synchronization and cue-point computations, can be made more efficient by splitting the source audio into smaller files. 

Avoid utilizing complete audio files per slide, for instance, if you need to synchronize the audio with on-screen features like bullet points. By using a distinct audio file for each bullet point, you may avoid having to do this for each bullet in all languages.

#2. Create The Cross-platform Compatibility

We have seen that e-learning localization refers to the process of altering content with subtitling services to suit the intended audience. Additionally, it entails the act of adjusting and customizing your content to meet the unique requirements of the platforms. 

Make your courses accessible across all platforms and browsers to offer every student the best opportunity of watching the video.

#3. Use Captions and Subtitles Correctly 

The practice of captioning your videos has several advantages. It enhances the likelihood that visual learners will comprehend and remember what they hear in the movie, for starters. Additionally, it offers a new teaching strategy for ESL students.

While watching films on arithmetic or history, this group can be learning a new language. Then there are the pupils who have hearing impairments. For these students, audio information has to be available in written form as well.

Moreover, captions and subtitles may change the virtual classroom. That takes us to the importance of speech-to-text, a class of learning tools that may be used both on and offline. All-inclusive learning techniques may be offered with the simple addition of subtitles services. These are beneficial for every kid in your class, regardless of the technology they utilize.

#4. Have Transcription of The Lesson Content

For the foreseeable future, a lot of students will be learning from home, therefore technology has made it possible for teachers to record and broadcast audio from their classes. For pupils that have no trouble listening to these sessions, this is fantastic.

Unfortunately, those who are hard of hearing or deaf won’t benefit from these recordings. In addition to your lectures and seminars, using a transcribing service guarantees that students can access the materials they need to succeed.

To get more tips on developing your e-learning localization project, read our article 5 Tips For Effective E-learning Localization.


Subtitling Services: The Most Effective Approach for E-learning Materials

Several higher education institutions have found success with hybrid learning environments because they let students take classes digitally as well as in person. So how can the teaching and learning process be improved with e-learning videos? 

Before participating in group discussions in the classroom, students can check out the course materials online. So, make e-learning accessible to all students by using professional subtitling services from GTE Media.

With an audience-centered approach and a talented team of subtitlers, we offer high-quality solutions and end-to-end services to our clients. Talk to our experts immediately to get the best quote!

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