What is Voice Replacement?

Voice replacement is the process of replacing the original voices of a video with new audios in a foreign language. Voice artists should convey the same tonality and emotions as the original dialogues while the sound is not necessarily matched the lip movements of speakers.

The Differences between Voice Replacement and Lip-Sync

criteriaScript TranslationScript Adaptation
Origianal dialogues

The original dialogues in both voice replacement and lip-sync are muted and replaced by their translation in a foreign language .

Mouth movements

The translated dialogues do not match the speakers’ mouth movements.

The whole script is re-written and voiced to sync to the lip movements of the speakers.

Sound elements

In voice replacement, only dialogues are replaced with audio in a new language while sounds like giggle, cough, and laugh are mostly removed.

Lip-sync gives viewers an immersive experience as voice artists capture:

  • Dialogue
  • Laugh
  • Sigh
  • Giggle
  • Groan
  • Cough
When to use?

Voice-over provides viewers with pretty good viewing experience at a cheaper price, suitable for tight-budget projects or internal training and corporate videos.

Lip-sync should be used in movies, films or songs aiming to give viewers a seamless and immersive view experience.

Our voice samples

Our Voices
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Types of Content We Support

With a team of experienced voice talents, GTE Localize offers voice replacement services for a wide range of types of content, including:

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    Educational Materials

  • Icon Type Of Content

    Film & TV Shows

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    Audio Books

  • Icon Type Of Content

    Video Games

  • Icon Type Of Content

    How-to Videos

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    Podcasts & Webisodes

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    Apps & User Interfaces

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Our Voice Replacement Process

  •  Icon Process

    Receive files and confirm details

    Upon receiving files from you, our team checks the source videos, your scripts and requirements about voices (number of voices, gender, language, etc). After analyzing all related factors, rates and deadlines will be confirmed.
  •  Icon Process

    Prepare to do voice-over

    We allocate your project to the most suitable copywriters, voice talents and technicians who will research the given video content before working on it.
  •  Icon Process

    Native check for your script

    Our experienced native copywriters will check and adapt the script to make it suitable for your video in terms of duration, reading speech, style, and intonation.
  •  Icon Process

    Record the script

    Our talented voice artists record the script for your video in a well-equipped studio. The emotion and tonality of the original dialogue is maintained.
  •  Icon Process

    Mixing audio and video

    Our technical team works on the audio files to gain the best pre-mix sound quality. Audio is then mixed into the video and matches the original dialogue of the video.
  •  Icon Process

    Voice replacement QA

    A quality control process is performed to eliminate all the sound issues and ensure the best-mixed product quality.
  •  Icon Process

    Export and deliver the final product

    We export the mixed files into your requested format and deliver the final product to you.