What is Script Adaptation?

The line between a good video that brings viewers with authentic viewing experience and a bad video with mismatched audio and inappropriate languages can be crossed easily if you don’t pay attention to the key step in the dubbing process – Script adaptation.

Script adaptation is the process of re-creating the original dialogues of a video to match its length, structures, characters’ lip movements, and the culture of the country where you need to distribute your media product. A well-adapted script with little evidence of the original voices replacement or inappropriate languages is likely to evoke strong feelings from viewers and leave a good impression on them.

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Linguistic Goal

The main aim of script translation is the accuracy of the script when being translated into a foreign language.

The focus of script adaptation is adapting and re-writing the translated script to match the video movements and the target market’s cultures.

Linguistic Boundary
  • Translate the exact meaning of the original language.
  • Apply stick-to-the-source translation principle during the whole process, including translating, editing and proofreading steps.
  • Not only ensure that the original idea of the source language is conveyed but adapt and re-write when needed to fit the target audiences.
Linguistic Process

Script translation is actually the very basic step in localizing your audiovisual products into a new language.


While your message is conveyed precisely in the foreign language, it would still need an extra mile to make the translation more effective in terms of cultural suitability, audience preference, or even technical areas like script rewriting for dubbing purpose.

Script adaptation starts with translating the dialogue of a video into a new language, then our scriptwriters will apply their insight to edit and even rewrite the translated script. This step ensures your script will perfectly match the cultural feats and your target audience.


In case you are making a script for dubbing, whether it is voice replacement or lip-sync dubbing, our writers can cater to those technical purposes.

Types of Content We Specialize In

Your script adaptation projects are in good hands of our experienced linguists who specialize in different types of content. Our team will bring you the best-in-class adapted scripts.

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    Business Presentations

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    Educational Materials

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    Film & TV shows

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    Audio Books

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    Apps & User Interfaces

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    Podcasts & Webisodes

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Script Adaptation Sample

Adapting Korean Script for a Children Cartoon into Vietnamese

Our Script Adaptation Process

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    Receive files and confirm details

    Upon receiving scripts from you, our team checks the source audio/video and your requirements to confirm the rates and deadlines.
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    Prepare to adapt script

    We allocate your project to the most suitable copywriters who will research the given audio and video content before working on it.
  •  Icon Process

    Translate the script

    Our linguists will translate your script based on the research with careful consideration about the context.
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    Rewrite your translate script

    Based on the analysis about the target audience and your localization goal, our experienced script copywriters rewrite the content or make adaptation when necessary.
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    Final correction and deliver the final product

    The final review is performed to check if any further correction is needed. Once the product is error-free, we deliver you the final product to you.
Why choose us

Why Choose GTE Media?

Audience-centered Approach

Audience-centered Approach

We understand that conveying accurate information and emotions to viewers is your top priority. Thus, we study closely your target audiences before working on a project.
Best value

Best value

With deep knowledge and regional experience in the dubbing and subtitling industry, we know where to find the most suitable resources for your projects, at a competitive rate.
Experienced script copywriters

Experienced script copywriters

We work with a network of hundreds of experienced script copywriter who understands how to adapt an audiovisual content script whether it's a commercial, documentaries, education materials or video games.


Regardless of small or large projects, we always deliver timely or ahead of the deadlines.