Common Challenges Transcriptionists Face and How to Handle Them

Posted by Anne Quach on February 11, 2022.

Interpreting, in general, is becoming an extremely popular profession, and transcriptionists in particular, who have worked in this field face many challenges in the extremely competitive working environment. Essentially, transcriptionists must find ways to deal with these complexities in order to focus on quality and do the job as efficiently as possible. The more effectively transcriptionists are able to do their jobs, the greater their workloads can be achieved.

In this post, let’s discuss some of the challenges that transcriptionists face and how to deal with them.

#1. Tight Deadlines

Meeting deadlines with accuracy and efficiency in transcription is the ideal way to keep your customers with you. However, not all jobs go smoothly. Some tasks can be very difficult and come with tight deadlines. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to handle the customer’s work on time as expected. This will be a big challenge if you do not know how to discuss with customers and manage your time. 

Challenges for Transcription Services Providers

Therefore, before accepting the task, inform the client whether you can handle their work on time or not. If it’s possible, you can suggest resetting the deadline. If you accept the urgent transcription project, you should consider offering a higher cost that’s worth your effort.


#2. Adjusting to the Latest Technology

The traditional transcription process is both time-consuming and inefficient. As a result, there are many new methods of performing transcriptions that today’s transcriptionists need to adapt to new technology. Transcription tools have begun to roll out to help transcriptionists do their best work in the most efficient way. Keeping up with advances in technology can help you retain customers. Spell checkers, grammar trackers, and other editing programs will help make your transcription projects more accurate. These advancements can improve the quality of your work and will help you be as productive as possible.


#3. Difficult Audio Files

It includes corrupted audio files, problematic audio files, and long, boring audio files. Faulty audio can be overlapping audio that can make things more confusing. However, you can use the audio splitter transcription tool to break them down into smaller bits and analyze them one by one. Or you can run the audio file through a transcription-to-text tool that automatically outputs the results.

Challenges for transcriptionist

Also, sometimes the files are not necessarily difficult, but they are very boring. That can make it very difficult to pay attention and get distracted. The only thing for you to overcome this problem is to try to focus.

Furthermore, the audio file may be noisy, the sound quality is poor, the speaker doesn’t express the message well, or the topic of the transcription project is not common.

Consider this example:

    • This is a less common occurrence in which all four criteria are negative.
    • The audio quality is quite bad; the speaker may be wearing another micro or only a micro being used in a room.
    • The speaker is not following a script, and his speech tends to veer off-topic.
    • Most people are unfamiliar with the content, which is riddled with odd acronyms and arcane references.
    • The presenter is inexperienced as a public speaker and does not pronounce many of his words well.


#4. Different Formatting Requirements

Customers may have different formatting requirements for a transcription project. Therefore, you can hardly keep track. Some customers may want their files to be single-spaced, others may want them to be double-spaced. Some may want a special text format. So how do you keep track of all of this? Before submitting your transcription project, review each client’s requirements to make sure your transcription is properly formatted as requested by the client. This reduces the time for adjusting and provides the most perfect transcription service for your customers. 


#5. Motivation

Becoming exhausted is a serious problem that many transcriptionists often face, especially if there is still energy left to work on. There is a solution for transcriptionists to not only transcribe as quickly as possible but also get more done even when they don’t want to work. That is using the most accurate audio-to-text tools. With the help of this transcription tool, all you need to do is make adjustments to achieve a quality final product.


#6. Finding Jobs and Handling Clients

Are you looking for a way to simplify your transcription? Do you want to handle the challenges you face when you have to transcript too many tasks at once? While these challenges can be difficult, there are a few ways you can deal with them. And the must-have solution is to train and improve your skills further. Once you get used to the difficulty and start to gain experience in dealing with it, nothing is too difficult for you. 

However, transcription, like any other profession, comes with new complications that can be difficult for you to handle. Becoming a transcriptionist is neither easy nor difficult. People in this profession will work more effectively if there is specific management and guidance on the transcription project. Therefore, another solution for you is to work with a transcription services provider because you don’t have to constantly find jobs or work directly with clients. Agencies have a team of Project Managers to coordinate tasks. They will assign, moderate and hand over specific projects to the transcriptionists. Transcriptionists focus on doing transcription tasks only.

GTE Localize is a provider of transcription services as well as language services that you can go along with. GTE is a leading provider of transcription services, composed of an experienced and dedicated team of transcriptionists who excel and exceed customer expectations for performance standards in delivering quality solutions. Therefore, we have owned a large number of customers and partners in many fields that need linguistic services. This will be an environment where you can improve your skills further and manage your work better.

If you are thinking of improving your transcript skills and simplifying your work, you can send us your CV. We are ready to help you in starting your new career. 

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