10 Challenges You’ll Come Across When Providing Transcription Services

Posted by Anne Quach on February 09, 2022.

The process of placing the spoken bits of a file on paper is known as transcription, and it can come with various problems in today’s highly competitive workplace. So being efficient and accurate is not the only demand for successful transcription services. 

This article will introduce the most common challenges that professional transcription services providers or transcribers must confront to be able to provide high-quality service at a reasonable price.

How Do Transcription Services Work?

Transcription is a professional job that involves a high level of concentration and attention to precision. A transcriptionist typically uses a foot pedal that connects to software that plays audio and video files, to pause and resume the recording while transcribing the information. 

How Do Transcription Services Work


10 Challenges That A Transcription Team Must Face

#1. Managing Of Overlapping

Group talks can become somewhat boisterous depending on the situation. Speakers get enthralled and babble over one another, making it impossible to distinguish between them. The more speakers there are, the more complicated it becomes. This is very typical when people often talk over each other, finish sentences, and interrupt each other, but a transcriber must be able to separate all of this and ensure that everything said is faithfully transcribed. 

Overlap is one of the most difficult obstacles when working on transcription services because numerous people talking at the same time might make the entire section inaudible, making it impossible to understand what anyone is saying. Fortunately, overlaps are rarely long, lasting only a few seconds at most.


#2. Identifying The Speakers

When listening to a tape of a group discussion, it can be difficult to distinguish between the speakers. If one is a male and the other is a woman, if one has a loud accent and the other speaks quietly, you can typically tell them apart and credit the appropriate action to the appropriate individual. However, if there are numerous persons with similar voices, it can be quite difficult, and it can feel impossible when they all talk at the same time. 

There are certain things you can do to make the transcription of the discussion a little easier if you know you’ll need it. One way is to have everyone introduce themselves at the start of the recording. Also, professional transcribers will also pay attention to the tiniest details, such as: Which side of the recording device each speaker is sitting on? Is there any way to distinguish the speakers based on their surroundings? Is there a difference in volume between speakers that are further apart? All of these things can help transcribers to figure out who is who in a group setting, which makes it easier to identify each speaker for the transcript.


#3. Maintaining Accuracy

With several speakers and overlapping speech, keeping track of who said what and when becomes considerably more difficult for transcription services. However, in other situations, such as legal hearings, HR meetings, or even brainstorming sessions, having an exact record of events is critical, and even one misspelt word might jeopardize someone’s career. Thankfully, there are technologies that can assist us in this endeavour, ranging from pedals that can stop, start, and slow sounds to software that can help us, label speakers. 


#4. Handling The Up-To-Date Technology

Technology advancements might help you stay ahead of the competition. Spell checkers, grammar monitors, and other editing software can help you keep your work error-free by catching a variety of issues that might otherwise go unreported. These developments can help transcribers increase the quality of their job while also increasing efficiency. So learning how to take advantage of these tools is a must. 


#5. Quality Of The Audio

The following are some of the audio quality aspects that can influence the transcription services:

    • Whether the discourse is scripted (typically for marketing purposes) or not (call centre conversations for example). If the majority of the received files for transcription are unscripted conversations, the quality can be inconsistent, with only a small portion of the information viable.
    • The nature of the audio’s material.
    • The speaker’s voice’s quality.
    • Various dialects and accents.
    • Noise in the background.


#6. Difficult Clients

Transcribers might have the chance to work with tough clients who provide you with low-quality audio or fail to pay on time. So anyone who chooses transcription services as a long-term career path needs to get used to it. However, you still need to negotiate reasonably and have certain priorities at work. Many organizations require transcribing services, and you should not be bound to clients who make you unhappy.


#7. Meeting Deadlines 

Some tasks of transcription services are tough to complete and have short deadlines. So transcriptionists need to think about how to deal with them properly. Informing the client whether you will be able to complete their task on time before taking an assignment is a great option. If you accept urgent transcription job, you should charge a little more so that your time and effort are compensated.

Challenges for Transcription Services Providers

Meeting deadlines with a high level of accuracy and efficiency on a regular basis is the best method to keep clients on your side. Therefore, maintaining a firm plan that provides for breaks and time off can help you keep ahead of your deadlines while also allowing you to take care of yourself and avoid becoming burned out. Two of the most crucial tasks of your employees are the ability to produce high-quality content and regularly fulfil deadlines.


#8. Different Formatting Requirements

Distinct clients may have different formatting needs. Check each client’s specifications before submitting your transcription assignment to make sure you’ve followed them exactly. Maintain your focus regardless of the difficulties you may encounter. As your transcription skills improve, you will find that you appreciate the work even more.


#9. Consequences For Health

Body aches can result from sitting for long periods of time while working on transcription services. So, no matter how important your task is, don’t overwork yourself. Take some time off to go for a run. You can practice some yoga, vary your sitting positions, or pace up and down. You will feel revitalized when you return to work.


#10. Competitive Job Market

General transcription is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among people who want to work from home and earn a fair life. General transcriptionists who have been in the profession for a long time are finding that they must now work harder to gain and retain clients. While many clients stick with the same transcriptionist because they appreciate how they operate, no job is guaranteed, and it’s critical to stay on top of things if you want to have loyal customers.


How To Join GTE Media Transcriptionist Team?

Transcription services can be regarded as the most sought-after career today in terms of convenience as well as the possibility of long-term development. If you want to be a transcriber, do not hesitate to join our transcription services team with many interesting projects and lots of growth potential.

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