6 Major Benefits that Your Business Would Gain from Transcription Services

Posted by Ariel Duong on May 30, 2022.

Note-taking has been a norm in many businesses, but if you want to leverage all available content and information, transcription services should be a go-to option. This excellent approach can establish a long-term relationship with your clients and help your businesses grow with multiple benefits.

Let’s find out more about the advantages of using transcribing services right below!

Transcription Services Outweigh Note-taking Method in Business

Transcription does not mean copying spoken to written language word-by-word only. There are various types of transcription: full, clean, summary, or timestamp. 

Transcription services refer to the process of converting speech into text. Transcription can be made manually by transcribers or automatically using technology like AI. While the technological approach appears to be faster, human work is highly recommended for the best quality. 

Who Would Use Transcription Services in Business?

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Many people might consider transcription unnecessary at first, especially when note-taking has been a typical method in business. But by looking further into how transcribing outweighs note-taking, you will change your mind, especially if you are: 

  • Working in the legal industry. Legal companies have to handle a great deal of paperwork, coupled with constant lengthy meetings on a regular basis. Thus, transcription service is believed to be a must. 
  • Global companies. These organizations tend to hold several high-profile meetings or brainstorming sessions every week or month and conduct marketing projects across countries. If this is your case, you will need both transcription service and document translation.

These companies can utilize transcription services to: 

  • Create blogs or social posts from your videos or podcasts, enriching your content library. 
  • Attract more customers through podcasts, YouTube, TikTok, or any audio-visual channels. Imagine you are investing in a Podcast channel to help attract customers. What if it becomes searchable and thus ranks higher in search engines? Note that most audiences will search in text, not audio. 
  • Provide internal training sessions or E-course.
  • Help generate a centralized online storage space more easily. 


How Can Transcription Give Better Results Than Taking Notes? 

The biggest advantage of transcription services in comparison with handwriting notes is time. It is obvious that typing takes much less time compared to handwriting. 

In fact, modern citizens also tend to be able to type much faster than in the past. In the late 90s, the average number of words per minute a typist could handle was 35, and this figure increased considerably to over 40 WPM in 2015. On top of that, thanks to advanced transcribing tools these days, it might take only a few seconds to transcribe a 15-minute speech.

03 transcription services typing

Also, here is a summarized comparison between handwritten notes and transcribed script that you can refer to:

Handwritten notes Transcribed script
Get lost or forgotten frequently Can be stored online for easier search and arrangement
More challenging to collate the information Easier to collate the information
Can be used for reference or storage purposes only Can be used for a variety of purposes: Marketing, Internal Training, Communication, etc.
More time-consuming Much less time-consuming






6 Huge Advantages of Using Transcription Services for Business

We have a list of 6 considerable advantages of using transcription for business. Let’s check it out right away!

#1. Keeping Your Business Productive

Your memory may be highly reliable, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll recall every last detail, especially when it comes to a five-hour talk or a week-long meeting. In these cases, transcription services can help maintain high productivity. 

There will also be times when you’ll need to utilize the transcript as proof or simply refer to it. Whether it’s a lawsuit your company is involved in or a dispute with a vendor you deal with. 


#2. Delivering Information in Diverse Ways

There’s no doubt that consuming information in audio or videos can be more time-consuming and require a higher level of concentration. However, for texts, people can skim and scan to grasp the basic ideas more conveniently. 

Also, audios appear to be less engaging for many audiences. Thus, when content is delivered in a readable format using transcription, it becomes more digestible. 

What’s more interesting about transcribed content is that it can be used as a backup for audio or videos, and can be posted as a blog or social media post and then be shared among Internet users. 


#3. Accessible For All – Higher Inclusivity

If you only focus on content in videos or audios, it means that a part of the audience is left behind – those with hearing or eyesight impairments. 

02 transcription services accessibility

Utilizing transcription will help benefit not only less advantaged audiences but also your business. If you try to reach a large number of those hard of hearing by providing them with transcribed texts for all content, they will show their interest and support for your brand.

At the end of the day, your brand awareness or even sales can go up! 


#4. Ensuring Accuracy

Accuracy is key to productivity and success, especially when it comes to content and documentation. It also leads to greater relationships with your partners and a better customer experience. In this way, transcription services are worth the cost because purchasers are happy to pay more for a pleasant experience.


#5. Increased Time Spent On Your Sites

While using videos is great to attract customers’ attention, it’s hard to ensure that they stay at your sites for long. Most viewers might not be patient enough to watch the whole promotional video and are likely to churn. 

Instead, transcription could help reduce the churn rates by offering people a chance to scan and skim for necessary information before they lose their patience. Also, if they find that useful, chances are that they will browse more of your articles or blogs, resulting in a higher average time on page. 


#6. Higher Availability of Experience and Knowledge 

When you choose transcription services, whether manual or automated, you’ll be working with people and systems that are skilled and knowledgeable about how to get the greatest outcomes. The advantage of adopting these transcription techniques is that they will provide your firm with additional experience and expertise.


Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has brought you clear insights into the benefits of transcription for your business. And we believe that you are highly excited to jump into transcribing almost every video or audio available! 

GTE Media has years of experience in providing high-quality transcription services including full transcription, clean transcription, summary transcription, and transcription with timestamping. Contact us now for free 1-1 consultancy! 

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