7 Benefits Of Using Subtitling Services For Your Social Media

Posted by Ariel Duong on May 11, 2022.

On fast-changing social media, video has demonstrated its huge potential for brand awareness. And subtitling services for videos, in fact, are the key to capturing the audience’s attention in their congested newsfeeds. 

Let’s check out seven merits you will obtain when adding subtitles to your videos.


#1. Make Your Viewer Experience Seamless

Have you known that Facebook users tend to watch 85% of this platform’s videos on mute? 

Videos can account for over 80% of internet traffic these days. And the fact is videos on the most common social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, are mute by default now. This means that with subtitling services, your viewer’s experience will be a lot more seamless. 

01 Subtitling services for social media

Also, each engagement indication, such as views or interactions, also seems to favor videos with subtitles. People tend to browse social media while at work or school, so they might prefer to scroll in silence. If there are no subtitles to express the idea, a muted video by default may make little sense, while a video with sound may be bothersome. 


#2. Optimize Video with Subtitling Services For Multi-tasking Users

These days, it is common for social media users, especially gen Z, to use multiple screens simultaneously, and their attention span is getting lower than ever before. 

However, a video with moving captions has been proven to nail these multitaskers’ focus and stop them from scrolling elsewhere. On top of that, many young users tend to enjoy watching videos to learn something, so subtitling services can do good for these people and attract their engagement. 


#3. Make Your Video Content Inclusive

For your videos on social media to attract the widest possible audience and have the most impact, you can consider those who are hard of hearing or deaf. In the U.S, the estimated number of these users is over 28 million. 

Subtitling services provide a degree of inclusion to your videos and help garner support from users with hearing problems or impairments. 

In fact, by publishing subtitled videos, you would build your brand as welcoming and compassionate, while also broadening the scope of user involvement to include all sorts of people in your community.


#4. Attract Attention and Simplify Comprehension 

Your target audience may scroll through captivating videos while driving, studying, or browsing through their feeds—mostly on their smartphones. And once a perfectly subtitled video shows up on their screens, they’re instinctively compelled to check what it’s about. 

02 Subtitling services for social media

So, by adding captions to your videos, you can grab audiences’ attention and speak directly to them! 

Furthermore, videos aid in the retention of information, regardless of how complicated it is. Hence, if you want to strengthen your relationship with your audience and promote your brand awareness, invest in captioned videos.

Using subtitling services in videos can also assist in conveying the correct information. Videos with captions have a higher level of understanding than just audio, as 65 percent of users tend to prefer visual methods when learning.


#5. Maximize Views with Global Outreach

The idea of maximizing your video views with global social media outreach sounds so appealing, isn’t it? 

If this is your aim, then you are highly recommended to add subtitles to your videos. Subtitled videos are an excellent way to mass-produce localized content for numerous areas throughout the world.

Subtitling services can take your videos further than ever. Here’s how: 

  • When your videos have easy-to-understand captions, they can reach new users in new markets. In other words, your brand can establish a presence in many countries worldwide and have an international user base. 
  • With compelling CTAs, you can even boost engagement from these new potential buyers and drive more conversions from untapped markets. 


#6. Enhance Engagement and Video Performance

There are a whole host of metrics of video performance including views, interactions, CTR, bounce rate, conversion rates, etc. And subtitling services can help you boost most of these indicators, especially engagement. 

03 Subtitling services for social media

This is how subtitles can enhance your video performance: 

  • Subtitles can help you rank better for related search terms and match with what social media users are looking for. Since the content better addresses user queries, your bounce rate will certainly be reduced.
  • Subtitles can make your videos more accessible. Viewers may watch your content while managing numerous chores or on the go. 
  • Subtitles are also beneficial to hard-of-hearing or deaf viewers. 
  • Reading subtitles draws viewers in and keeps them viewing the video longer. 


#7. Boost SEO Ranking with Caption Indexing 

If you want to have your videos searchable with a better SEO ranking, you may also want to use subtitling services. 

While headline, description, and hashtags might help promote your videos, subtitles will be a certain approach to improve video SEO.

Your video is not visible to Google or other search engines. Crawlers, on the other hand, can quickly index and score your video by finding important keywords in the subtitles. Bots can read and assess captions since they arrive in readable text documents. As a result, including subtitles raises your chances of high SEO ranking. 

In fact, subtitles raise watch duration and views, which are important ranking factors, by 12%. 


Final Thoughts

Videos on social media have the potential to become viral and spread to the farthest parts of the planet. Be prepared with multilingual subtitles if you want to make viral videos. Easy might it be, subtitling videos should not be underestimated. 

Translating your captions into a variety of languages can help your video reach global audiences, maximize views, rank higher in SEO, and have greater engagement as well as support from audiences. 

Rather than depending on automatic translators, you are recommended to go for expert subtitling services. This will ensure that all translation requirements can be met so as to make your video’s content consistent across countries.

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner, GTE Media is an excellent choice. We are a group of professionals providing subtitling services for social media content with years of experience. 

Contact us now to make a 1:1 appointment with our subtitling experts!

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