How to Attract Gen Z Audience and Increase Your Video Views with Subtitling Services?

Posted by Ariel Duong on June 27, 2022.

Video is enjoyed differently by various generations, and the production teams must adapt to their preferences, regardless of why they are watching videos. Especially with Gen Z, they are the current main audience, who tend to use subtitling services when enjoying TV shows or movies. 

To help you learn how to make and distribute movies to the predominant viewers, GTE Media will look at how Gen Z use video, particularly on social media, how they react to videos and point out the best solution to engage them.

Gen Z – The Potential Audience for Social Media Subtitling Services

Anyone born between 1997 and 2012 is referred to as Gen Z or zoomers. They are also the first-generation real digital natives. The eldest members of this generation are currently young adults in their early 20s who are maturing and starting careers.

According to Thrive My Way’s statistics, the typical Gen Zer spends more than 8 hours every day online. 98% of this generation’s representatives have a smartphone and 55% of them spend at least five hours a day on smartphones.

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Also, 75% of youngsters prefer using smartphones over computers. Mobile devices are used by 51% of Gen Z consumers to access social media. In this age bracket, 71% of people view videos on their cell phones.

Undoubtedly, one of the strongest and emerging consumer demographics is Gen Z and the way they interact with media and subtitling services matters a lot. 

The Multitaskers

In order to video chat with a friend on a tablet, communicate on a phone, count their steps with a wristwatch, and watch Netflix originals on the TV, Gen Z users often utilize five displays at once

This younger generation can seamlessly switch between texts, emails, phone conversations, and social media.

And without applying subtitling services into media and technology, young people with a fast pace of life will not be able to fully focus on a certain task.

The Active Bees

Gen Z not only exists in a busy environment but also takes part in it. They have an attention span of 8 seconds on average, thus they are always seeking fresh, interesting, and engaging content.

92% of Gen Zers have a digital presence, which is staggering. This group enjoys staying current and using the internet and social media to consume fresh knowledge every day. Through their digital gadgets, they constantly desire and get updates.

And the 466 million individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing worldwide must also find the media pleasant, so it must be more than simply aesthetically appealing or expertly produced. And adding closed captioning and subtitling services is becoming a must with videos on social media.

Due to Gen Z’s capacity and demand, the function of subtitling services is increasing or rather altering. Even people in the Gen Z generation who aren’t hard of hearing or deaf use the subtitling services option when watching videos.

The Information Collector

The ideal Gen Z viewers are consuming content while commuting, working, or continuously browsing through their feeds, most often on their smartphones. Meanwhile, the video creators are immersed in intense efforts to conceptualize, develop, and render outstanding movies.

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So why Gen Z loves closed captioning? The answer is no matter where they are or what they are doing when a video with tidy captions appears on their screen, Gen Zers are compelled to watch it.

Many of them might find it difficult to follow what the characters in Luther or Peaky Blinders are saying and to concentrate more intensely on the information, they employ captions.

Additionally, adding subtitles to videos might assist in conveying the proper information. With 65 percent of users preferring visual learning, videos have a greater cognitive impact than reading or listening.

Not to mention that with 5% of school-age children are thought to be affected by APD (auditory processing disorder), subtitling services and closed captioning can have an impressive effect on their disease. 

These methods provide APD patients the visual clues they need to get over their listening and cognitive problems, even when they can be irritated by loud noises, have trouble concentrating in noisy situations, forgetfulness, or may not be aware that they have the disorder.


How to Reach Gen Z with Subtitles on Social Media Videos

Capturing Gen Z’s interest and improving the attraction of your movies is what you can accomplish with unique subtitling services.

So what are the fantastic ways to reach out to Gen Z viewers?

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To boost audience engagement, you should investigate which sorts of videos receive the most views among Gen Z. Focus on these sorts of videos and the platforms that support them to observe if the number of views and click-throughs changes. 

The second tip to reaching Gen Z by video with subtitling services is to advertise it on social media, which is where they spend the most time. To stay up with demand and competitiveness, production teams require quick processes. 

Another way is to provide production instructions to influencers who will be generating content instead of you. Include campaign-related talking points and specify the sorts of graphics they can employ. 

Give specific instructions so that the resultant video closely meets your brand standards, even if your staff isn’t generating these videos, you’re shooting your own additional material. When people start viewing influencer videos, you want them to quickly recognize your brand.


Customize Video Content with Subtitling Services

A one-size-fits-all approach to video creation is ineffective. In order for Gen Z audiences to consume videos, they must be available on the relevant platforms and include the appropriate features (such as captions and subtitles). 

Videos aid in information retention, regardless of how difficult. Increase your use of captioned videos to strengthen your relationship with your community and promote your company.

Your video production company may better grasp who your target audience is and what to do when working on the video by collaborating with marketing departments and partnering with a trustworthy subtitling agency.

GTE Media is the top option since we provide the audience-centered approach with the best valuable subtitling services from our experienced team.

To discover more about how GTE Media handles the video subtitles, contact us now.

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