4 Ways to Use Transcription Services to Repurpose Your Content

Posted by Gummy Tran on April 26, 2022.

It takes full-time work to keep your audience interested in your content. You must carefully review the engagement metrics of your present content while also forecasting the demands of your expanding audiences.

With this in mind, any successful localization strategy must include new and updated content. How do you come up with new material without taking up more time than you have? You can do this with the support of transcription services.

We’ll go through what transcription services are and what they can achieve for localization executives/managers in this tutorial. This post will include a look at content repurposing to show how helpful transcription services can be.

What Are Transcription Services and How Do They Work?

Transcription services are businesses that convert audio into text. The audio is usually pre-recorded and then sent to transcriptionists who have been educated in shorthand. They can transcribe audio from various sources fast and correctly.

A transcription service can help you save your audio in text format for everything from podcasts and videos to workshops and live presentations. This can be referenced afterward or utilized to reuse your marketing content.


When are Transcription Services Used?

Physicians, scientists, researchers, and other technical experts are the most common users of transcription services. Their oral comments are transcribed into written notes and reports that can be referenced or kept as records.

You might think of court procedures and police investigations when you think of transcription. These, too, are used for keeping track of proceedings (sometimes as a public record) and making them accessible to the public.

On the other hand, transcription can be quite beneficial to digital marketers. Repurposing content and creating high-value information in numerous formats are one of the most effective ways to employ transcription.


4 Ways to Use Transcription Services to Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing content is only one of the many advantages transcribing services can give your business. Here are 4 common ways to expertly adapt your content using transcription services.

1. Turn a Video Into a Blog Post


Whether you are a new or established digital marketer, I can safely assume you never feel as if you’re hitting your weekly or monthly blog post targets. By transcribing your videos into blog posts, you can get that much closer to reaching your goal.

How many posts should you publish a week? According to HubSpot, the sweet spot can be anywhere from one post to five posts per week.

However, this will depend on the size of your website and what you hope to achieve. For example, for a small website with a goal of maximizing organic traffic, three to four new posts per week are recommended.

Another benefit of turning videos into blog posts is accessibility. While many digital media platforms offer closed captioning, they aren’t always the ideal way to digest content. By turning videos into blog posts, you can ensure all of your traffic has access to your content in multiple ways.

Of course, you should aim to bulk up these blog posts in ways that benefit the readers. These include using visuals (e.g., images, infographics, charts) and adding more in-depth examples.

The transcription should serve as a starting point to creating engaging, valuable blog posts.

2. Turn a Podcast Into a Video or Blog Post


With transcription services, you can turn your podcast into a video professionally.  All you need to do is to add several visuals/ images, then share them on popular digital media platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, and Vimeo.

With more types of content, you can reach more audiences. When it comes to adding images/ visuals to your video, you can use one image as a background throughout your video. This is the fastest way to create a video for your marketing campaign. If you want to create an attractive video, you can use some stock images, magery or b-roll. 

To get an appealing video, you can search on Youtube to find out what types of video content your customers are interested in. This can make sure you get new ideas to enhance your video content. 

Moreover, you can easily make a new blog post from your podcast. With blog posts, the audience who has a limited time frame can still follow your content.

3. Make a List-Building PDF

You can make excellent list-building content from a video or podcast using premium transcript services.  

From list-building content, you can make your email subscription data. 

List-building content is one of the best ways to build your email subscription list. You can offer free content to get an email contact. However, it is hard to appeal to your audience with your list-building content before everyone has a website. The requirement here is the quality of your content, it must be high quality and special. 

Here are some lead magnet formats to choose from, such as:

  • checklists
  • white papers
  • infographics
  • e-books
  • case studies
  • cheat sheets

Using a unique angle, you can use the above formats to attract a targeted audience. With such an array of content types, it’s likely you have a video or podcast episode that can easily be transformed into one of the above.

4. Create a Social Media Content Resource

Rather than replaying and scrubbing through the episode, create a transcript of it. This will make finding social media posts to share easy.

Instead of scouring your audio, you can now consider focusing on designing appealing visuals with channels such as Canva or Adobe Spark. These solutions enable you to create the ideal visuals for each social media site, and they even include layouts to help you get started.


In Conclusion

Your customers need fresh and updated content every day. While this can seem a challenging job, you can get help with transcription services.

You can easily change your audio content to text fast. And this text can be used for various types of content such as blog posts, social media posts, etc. Content using transcription services can assist you in increasing traffic to your websites, reaching larger customers, and growing leads as well as revenues.

As a professional media localization company, GTE Media can help you with all your transcription needs. We provide premium transcription services at attractive rates without hidden costs and a fast turnaround time.

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